ASPO USA Denver World Oil Conference Highlights, Day 2


11 Nov 2005 |
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Highlights from Day 2 of the Denver World Oil Conference, sponsored by ASPO-USA, November 10 & 11 in Denver Colorado. Speakers include Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Tom Petrie of Petrie Parkman & Co., Roger Bezdek, President of MISI, Charles T. Maxwell of Weedon & Co., Congressman Roscoe Bartlett and many others.

Click here for highlights from day 1 of the conference.

AudioASPO Denver - Mayor John Hickenlooper Opening Remarks (length 15 min): download, stream
ASPO Denver - Tom Petrie overview of day 1, Q & A (length 24 min): download, stream
ASPO Denver - Roger Bezdek Presentation Highlights (length 38 min): download, stream
ASPO Denver - Charles Maxwell Presentation Highlights (length 19 min): download, stream
ASPO Denver - Roscoe Bartlett Keynote Address (length 33 min): download, stream