ASPO's Stuart McCarthy on peak oil hitting the Australian mainstream


15 Sep 2007 |
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Stuart McCarthy of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas talks to GPM's Andi Hazelwood about Queensland's new leadership, Andrew McNamara's recent appointment to Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, McNamara's "Queensland's Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices" report three years in the making and today's coverage of this landmark report in Queensland's Courier-Mail newspaper. Also on the table for discussion are McNamara's views on Queensland council amalgamations and nuclear, the recent response to a petition for the state to adopt the Oil Depletion Protocol, and the latest activities of ASPO international and in Australia.

Read today's two Courier-Mail articles here:

Govt warns of 'peak oil' chaos

End of the Oil Age is near

AudioASPO's Stuart McCarthy on peak oil hitting the Australian mainstream (audio) (length 13 min): download, stream

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Yet a third article about peak oil in today's paper. They're on a roll.

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The Queensland Oil Vulnerability Task Force has been underway for 2, not three, years. As a side note, I've just found an article in which McNamara rejects nuclear as an option for Queensland - when I spoke to him last year he was in favour of it.