Transcribe & Translate for GPM

The ecological and humanitarian issues we cover at Global Public Media are of importance and interest to people from all walks of life - from all countries and internet speeds. Transcriptions and translations of Global Public Media segments greatly increase our audience. We request your help in transcribing our audio and video interviews, or translating existing transcripts, to ensure that this vital information has the opportunity to reach as many people as possible. Transcribing for GPM is a valuable way for you to help deal with the issues we all face. Once you've proven to be a helpful and reliable volunteer, we will post your name to volunteer "thank you" list below, and we will provide reference letters upon request.

Here are guidelines for transcribing for GPM:


  • Always spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Remove 'ums', 'ahs', and extraneous "you know"s
  • Condense false starts and repeated words. Example: "But that's... even that reassurance makes one nervous" should be condensed to: "But even that reassurance makes one nervous."
  • Format like this page:
  • Basic HTML is best; text, rtf, or Word is fine too.
  • Use Google or otherwise confirm spelling of names of individuals mentioned
  • If there is something that you do not understand, mark with asterisks and the time (e.g., "***** [2:31]")


If you want to get started, contact us. If there is a particular interview you would like to do, let us know that, otherwise we will assign whichever piece most needs to be done next.

A Testimonial

"It was on the strength of a couple of very interesting interviews [Julian Darley] gave with Els Cooperrider (who to my ears sounds a lot like Michael Jackson) that I took a look at Global Public Media...

I came to Global Public Media in a roundabout way. After the 9/11 attacks, I wanted to find out why they had happened. This led me into reading books about British and American foreign policy...

To cut a long story short, I'd got to the point where I had read enough foreign affairs to keep me depressed for a lifetime. So, what was I now going to do with all this horrendous information I had absorbed? I didn't know! But I wanted to do something. And so, I began transcribing for Global Public Media. It wasn't foreign affairs - it was more science - but that suited me just fine! At least now I was doing something. Not an awful lot, but it's all someone like me can do.

...Like many, I'm very disillusioned with the people in government. I just don't trust them to do anything that's just, let alone fair. So, the idea of ordinary citizens pulling together to oppose a corporate-controlled world appeals to me. I'm not sure whether these pockets of resistance will reach a critical mass, but it's something that has to be tried." - Global Public Media volunteer Barry Silver

Thanks To Our Volunteers

We are extremely appreciative all of the help we have recieved from volunteers:

Abbie Harris
April Scott
Barry Silver
Denis Morel
Katherine Baldwin
Melisa Chavez Moreno
Miranda Huey
Munir Uddin
Rita Wiltsie

Aldonza Santa Cruz
Benjamin Ho
Carly Johnston
Dave Menninger
David Meldrum
Eric Olson
Georges Leonard
Henri Laupmaa
Brian Magee 

Jake Gordon
Joe Scarr
Kenneth Barrows
Mark Erickson
Neil MacKellar
Richard Katz
Rodney James
Thomas Janes
Jessica Rios 

Melissa Bart

Thank You!