Crop to Cuisine: Local Food Resources


08 Jul 2009 |
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More and more people are becoming interested in the details of our food system. How crops are grown, where it comes from, the quality of animal treatment. But for most of us, it isn't always easy to access the information. Never fear, Crop To Cuisine is here. We feature a number of people doing the leg work and providing the resources so many of us need. Carol O'Meara provides us with words of wisdom when it comes to growing potatoes. Wendy White introduces the 25th annual Colorado Farm Fresh Directory. Jennifer Olson illustrates the important relationship between farmers and chefs through photography. And Anne Zander helps people preserve the harvest through the digital age. For more information about our guests, additional resources on local food and agriculture, or some great recipes, visit You can also "Friend us on Facebook". I'd like to know how you experience your food.

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