Crop To Cuisine: New frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS


14 Feb 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we take a look at a new frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS. Colorado is produces more beer than any other state, and more craft beer for that matter. But there is no hops industry in the state, which is weird considering Colorado's great climate and landscape. Hops supplies have been falling in recent years, causing the price to skyrocket. But the new generation of farmer is here to fix the problem. The people from Rocky Mountain Hops share their plans for a burgeoning hops industry in Colorado. We also revisit this years Stout Month Homebrew Competition at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery. Nate Watkins of the Mountain Sun talks about the judging process, and we hear about the winning stout from the winning brewer, Don Blake.

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