David Pursell speaks with Julian Darley

David Pursell

30 Aug 2005
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David Pursell (Simmons & Co International) discusses the worsening natural gas situation in Canada, the US, and wider responses, including nuclear & coal with Julian Darley in a telephone interview in Houston, Texas

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  1. What is the natural gas situation in Canada, and what effect might that have on the US? [2:13] mp3 | transcript
  2. Can you tell us about the contrast between the official hydrocarbon energy analyses from Canada vs the US? [1:02] mp3 | transcript
  3. Do you see signs that the US DoE (Department of Energy) is starting to recognise the dimensions of the coming energy crisis? [1:14] mp3 | transcript
  4. How do 'cornucopians', mainstream economists for instance, react to talk of supply problems with natural gas? [2:16] mp3 | transcript
  5. What does a declining supply of oil imply for the economy and society? [1:02] mp3 | transcript
  6. Do you think there will be negative economic growth if oil supply declines? [1:24] mp3 | transcript
  7. How can a supply decline possibly now be avoided or averted & are fuel cells the answer? [2:26] mp3 | transcript
  8. Is the mention of 'Freedom Fuel' (hydrogen) in the recent US State of the Union speech, the first real admission by the Bush adminstration that they don't know what to do about oil peak? [0:36] mp3 | transcript
  9. If building large numbers of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) terminals is dangerous, what does that say about the future for nuclear power, given that 9/11 has shown that almost anything is possible? [0:32] mp3 | transcript
  10. With Canada's gas declining, Mexico importing from the US, and problematic outlooks for coal and nuclear, how do you see the energy future for the US? [1:33] mp3 | transcript
  11. Do you think the US has designs on Iraqi oil? [1:03] mp3 | transcript
  12. What happens if the attack Iraq 'goes wrong'? [0:53] mp3 | transcript