Deconstructing Dinner: Kootenay Harvest Revival II (The Local Grain Revolution V)


13 Nov 2008 |
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The Local Grain Revolution
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Since March 2008, The Local Grain Revolution series has beenfollowing the evolution of Canada's first Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) project for grain. A total of 180 members and one business from thecommunities of Nelson and Creston, British Columbia, are blazing a trailtowards a local grain economy.

Kootenay Harvest Revival Kootenay Harvest Revival II
Part I
On this Part V of the series, we explore the second in a three-part seriesof recordings from the Kootenay Harvest Revival - an event hosted byDeconstructing Dinner, the Nelson-Creston Grain CSA and All Seasons Café.The two-day event was held to celebrate the CSA's monumental harvest ofgrain and to use the success of the project as a "catalyst for a local foodrevolution."

Day 1 of the event heard from a series of speakers who shared the history offood production in the Kootenay regions of British Columbia. By exploringwhat was once possible to grow and produce in the area, it was hoped thatthe event would inspire visions of what the soil is currently able toprovide both now and into the future. Certainly the Grain CSA is one ofthose projects unearthing the potential of the region.

On this Part II of the Revival recordings, we hear from author and farmerLuanne Armstrong who spoke on finding one's sense of self through place. "Inthis day and age, we need to think about where we live, not only where welive and how we connect to it but how we look after it so it can look afterus," says Luanne. She also described what the word "farmer" means to her.
Also on this broadcast; CSA farmer Keith Huscroft, actor/writer/historianRichard Rowberry and the music of Bessie Wapp.

Luanne Armstrong, Author, Blue Valley: An Ecological Memoir (Boswell, BC) -Luanne Armstrong is a novelist, freelance writer, editor, and publisher. Sheis deeply interested in writing about place and nature. Her recent book,Blue Valley, An Ecological Memoir, is about growing up in the Kootenayregion of B.C. and was published in 2007 by Maa Press. Luanne has taughtCreative Writing at the University of British Columbia (UBC), LangaraCollege, and in venues across Canada. She holds a Masters in CreativeWriting from UBC and a Ph.D in Education from UBC. She presently lives onher organic heritage farm on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.

Keith Huscroft, Farmer, Huscroft Farm (Lister, BC) - Keith is afourth-generation farmer. His great-grandparents were the first whitesettlers in the Creston Valley and his farm has been in operation for about100 years. Keith takes all measures to ensure no inputs are required on hisfarm. He uses mixed farming practices and fertilizes using only animal andgreen manures. He is one of a shrinking number of farmers farming withhorses instead of fossil-fuel dependent technologies.

Richard Rowberry, Actor, The Nelson Theatre Company (TNT) (Nelson, BC) -Richard Rowberry is the Artistic Director of The Nelson Theatre Company(TNT). He trained "eons" ago at The National Theatre School of Canada andhas worked as an arts administrator, actor, writer, and director throughouthis life. He has written five plays based on local history, including FrankAnd The Elephants, which won the Sybil Cooke Award (Play for YoungAudiences) at the 2004 Canadian One Act Play Competition.

Russell Precious, Board of Directors, West Kootenay EcoSociety (SunshineBay, BC) - After graduating with a BA in Asian History at UBC and UCBerkeley, Russell studied organic farming with pioneer organic farmer andteacher, John Harrison. Subsequently he co-founded the Naam vegetarianrestaurant in Vancouver (still running after 35 years); an organic fruitstand & wholesale fruit operation; Quadra Foods Market on Quadra Island andCapers natural foods stores in Vancouver. In 1993 he was finalist for boththe regional Entrepreneur of the Year and Van Citys Ethics in Action awards.In 1999 he was one of three first recipients of the B.C. Organic PioneersAward. He most recently joined the Board of Directors at the KootenayCountry Store Co-operative.

Bessie Wapp - Kootenay Harvest Revival Bessie Wapp, Musician/Performer(Nelson, BC) - Since 1995, Bessie Wapp has been busy performing andrecording with Eastern European music ensemble Zeellia. Bessie Wapp is atwo-time Jessie nominated musician, actor, designer, and stilt dancer whostudied visual art and music before becoming a Co-Director of stilt-dancetheatre company Mortal Coil in 1993. Bessie Wapp has worked with TheElectric Company, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Caravan Theatre, and theVancouver Moving Theatre among others.

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