Lifeboat Show: Living in a Post Carbon World


22 Aug 2005 |
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Caren Black and Christopher Paddon of The Lifeboat Show talk to Global Public Media's Director of North American Operations, David Room.

The Lifeboat Show is a monthly radio program that airs on the third Monday of every month at 9:30 AM on on KMUN 91.9 FM in Astoria and KTCB 89.5 FM Community Radio in Tillamook. Also simulcast live on Featuring interviews, book reviews and banter about sustainable living, Caren Black and Christopher Paddon, of TLA, discuss life after Peak Oil with a little humor thrown in. You can purchase CDs of the programs at the Lifeboat Show website.

AudioGPM's David Room on the Lifeboat Radio Show (length 30 min): download, stream