Peak Moment: Resourceful Guy Builds Solar House, Solar Power, Solar Car

01 Jun 2009 | |
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John Weber's Boise, Idaho house with south-facing windows rarely needs heat and never air conditioning. Meet a man who has built a passive-solar house with solar electric power and solar hot water; plus a solar-powered electric car — and who rides a bike! With photovoltaics tied to the grid, he sells surplus electricity back to the power company. John shows how he converted his "Sun Car" from a junked Festiva to all-electric, with added solar panels on top to extend its range. Ride with us — and hear how quiet it is!

Crop to Cuisine: Slow Money

21 May 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we connect the dots between out outdated and broken economic system and our food system. We speak with founder of the Slow Money Alliance, Woody Tasch. We also visit a local farm to see how Slow Money principles can take shape and sustain a farm well into the future. We also hear from Master Gardener Carol O'Meara as the gardening season takes off. Aired on May 4, 2009.

Reality Report: Peter Lawrence and Jim Merkel

19 May 2009 |
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As the economy shrinks so does our consumption. Do we view this as a bad thing or an opportunity? Jim Merkel and Peter Lawrence chose to earn less money and live more simply. We’ll find out how they do it, and how they like it on the Reality Report.

Crop to Cuisine: Art Eggertsen Speaks on Humanity, Good Food & Animal Welfare

14 May 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we speak with food activist, humanitarian, and animal welfare advocate, Art Eggertsen. Art has worn many hats during his long career in food and health. He joins us in the studio to discuss his accomplishments, his new projects, and his thoughts on the future of food in this country. We hear about lobbying for animal welfare, health, life in Utah, and the planned sustainable community called Entelechy.

Peak Moment: Local Living Economies - Protecting What We Love

11 May 2009 | |
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Judy Wicks' love of place, and of animals, has made widening ripples on a global scale...She has gone on to found BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), a national network of sustainable, small businesses that promote going local. (, ( Episode 144.

Peak Moment: Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists

30 Apr 2009 | |
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Asking "wouldn't it be wonderful if our city could feed itself?" Joe Leitch ponders everybody in Portland planting a chestnut tree. Pam Leitch relates how they both left the corporate world after reading the book Your Money or Your Life. As educators on sustainability and resource depletion, permaculture and social justice, they soon learned of Peak Oil. Episode 143.

Crop to Cuisine: Buffalo Field Campaign & Microbreweries for the Environment

22 Apr 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we look at opportunities to get support local food at community events and we get ready for two events in Colorado. Joined by Justine Sanchez of the Buffalo Field Campaign, we hear about the plight of wild buffalo in Yellowstone, and how the BFC have teamed up with the Black Cat Restaurant to do something about it. We also talk with Marianne Martin of Microbrews for the Environment, as well as three of this years participating breweries. Sustainable food and agriculture should be a party.

Peak Moment: Energy Co-op Brings Power to the People

14 Apr 2009 | |
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What if a community owned its electric utility cooperatively, rather than paying a for-profit company? Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative could be a model. Energy Services manager Jessica Nelson describes how this locally owned, democratically governed non-profit serves the good of the community. Episode 142.

Reality Report: Jon Erickson

08 Apr 2009 |
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Explanations of the economic downturn focus on greed, corruption, incompetence and inequality. But this isn’t the whole story. The Reality Report interviews Jon D. Erickson, Professor at the University of Vermont and Fellow of the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics.

Crop to Cuisine: Permaculture II

08 Apr 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we look at opportunities to get educated in permaculture design across Colorado this Spring and Summer. Permaculture is a system of Permanent - Agriculture. See how you can get involved with a number of educational centers from the front range to over 9000 ft above sea level. We hear from Zia Parker and James Desimmone in Boulder, Sandy Cruz and Jason Gerhardt in Nederland, and Jerome Osentowski in Basalt.