Crop to Cuisine: Cool Cuisine and Fresh Food

23 Mar 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we take a look at two authors who come to the forefront of sustainability and food from unlikely backgrounds. Eugene Cordero is a professor of Meteorology and has joined forces with Laura Stec to write Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite out of Global Warming. And R.J. Ruppenthal is a professor of law. His new publication, Fresh Food From Small Spaces, is a handbook for people living in urban areas that want to live sustainably through food. We speak with both about their passion for food, the role of innovation in a greener world and having fun with all of it.

Peak Moment: Creating a Home Graywater System

23 Mar 2009 | |
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Trathen Heckman takes us on a step-by-step tour of how to make a safe, ecological and legal suburban home graywater system. Follow the water as it drains from the bathroom tub (and sink and laundry) through a unique valve leading into the backyard garden. (Episode 141).

Terra Verde: Interview with Asher Miller and Tom Stokes

17 Mar 2009 |
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The depletion of oil and other finite resources is often forgotten when pondering environmental solutions.

Post Carbon Institute Executive Director Asher Miller and Tom Stokes, Coordinator of the Climate Crisis Coalition, explain why we cannot ignore peak oil.


Reality Report: Household and Community Food Security

09 Mar 2009 |
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This show of the Reality Report discusses household and community food security through local granaries and local currency. The guest is Cyndee Logan of Mendo Food Futures, a project funded by the California Endowment that includes the local, food-backed money called Mendo Credits.

Crop to Cuisine: Rethinking Local Food

04 Mar 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we take a look at a new member of Colorado's sustainable restaurants. Arugula Bar E Ristorante is the creation of Chef Alec Schuler, a mindful, clever and resourceful chef bringing Northern Italy to the Rockies. We also talk sausage with Laurie Mulay of Mulay Sausages. And finally, we talk with a researcher out of the University of Edinburgh about the Fife Diet and Edmund Harris tells us why he is taking a second look at the local food movement.

Crop to Cuisine: Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

21 Feb 2009 |
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Today we demystify Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). The USDA defines a CSA as a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes the community's farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Crop To Cuisine: New frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS

14 Feb 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we take a look at a new frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS. Colorado is produces more beer than any other state, and more craft beer for that matter. But there is no hops industry in the state, which is weird considering Colorado's great climate and landscape. Hops supplies have been falling in recent years, causing the price to skyrocket. But the new generation of farmer is here to fix the problem.

Reality Report: Matthew Stein

13 Feb 2009 |
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Matthew Stein, author of /When Technology Fails:  A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency/ is the guest on The Reality Report.  Learn about the "Survivor Personality" and "What are the best bugs to eat," as drawn from Mat's encyclopedic work.

Peak Moment: Transit on Demand (Have Cell Will Travel)

22 Jan 2009 | |
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What if you could make a call at any time on your cell phone and have a vehicle come to you within minutes, take you to your local destination, and cost about as much as a bus ride? Allen Hancock's notion of demand-responsive transit fills the gap between the private automobile and public transit. Rather than fixed routes and schedules, smaller vehicles guided by intelligent software with gps (geographic positioning system), circulate to where riders are and want to go. Flexible, efficient, low-cost, it uses existing vehicles and roads. Where's the town that will implement this exciting pilot project? (Episode 140).

Crop to Cuisine: The Politics of Food

19 Jan 2009 |
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A day before President Elect Obama is sworn in, Crop To Cuisine explores the politics of our food. We speak with professor and author of Food Politics Marion Nestle about the incoming administration, and Bart Miller, Water Program Director at Western Resource Advocates.