Kunstlercast: Hunting

27 Nov 2008 |
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On this Thanksgiving Day show, James Howard Kunstler shares his views on hunting, the stocking of wildlife by state agencies and the potential food scarcities in the future. Kunstler also speaks about the ethical obligations of environmental stewardship. Episode #40.

Peak Moment Television: Shocks, Shortages, and Scenarios - Planning for a Post-Oil Future

06 Nov 2008 | |
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Responding to peak oil will require reshaping our communities. These two interviews, taped in September 2008 at the ASPO-USA conference, are with Megan Quinn Bachman of Community Solutions, and Bryn Davidson of Dynamic Cities Project. Episode 134.

KunstlerCast: Water Transit

20 Nov 2008 |
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James Howard Kunstler responds to a listener question about the future of water transportation in North America. There is a fabulous inland waterway system in North America that is going to become very important again. But if we want to remain serious about trade in this country, we are going to have to rebuild the infrastructure for water and rail transportation. Episode 39.

Crop to Cuisine: Farm Aid's moe. & Local Food Superheroes

17 Nov 2008 |
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This week on Crop To Cuisine, we hear from moe. Well, not the entire band. But Al Schnier, guitarist, keyboard and vocals for the band shares his thoughts on the local food movement. He also tells us about their participation in Farm Aid 2008. We also talk with two people on the scene in the Denver metro area, doing what they can to help ordinary people choose local when possible.

Peak Moment: Two Views of a Post-Oil Future

30 Oct 2008 | |
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From the ASPO-USA 2008 conference: two long-standing peak oil awakeners: author James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency) and Post Carbon Institute Founder and President, Julian Darley. Episode 133.

Deconstructing Dinner: The Local Grain Revolution III

16 Oct 2008 |
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Host Jon Steinman visits with some of the players lending their support to Canada's first community supported agriculture (CSA) project for grain. Supporters such as David Everest - who will provide milling services to CSA members, and Jay Blackmore - one of four sailors who decided to sail the grains from the Creston Valley of B.C. to the city of Nelson along Kootenay Lake (a 56-hour fossil-fuel-free journey).

Deconstructing Dinner: Co-operatives: Alternatives to Industrial Food V (Common Ground Food Coop)

25 Sep 2008 |
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The Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, Illinois is a very promising and inspiring sign that communities can indeed come together and build or expand upon their very own co-operative grocery store.

Reality Report: Jay Hanson

01 Nov 2008 |
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In the 1990s Jay Hanson's web site predicted with uncanny accuracy key trends of the early 21st century with respect to energy, the environment and geopolitics. What did he learn that most of us still don't know, and what does he foresee ahead of us?

KunstlerCast: Impotent Politics

30 Oct 2008 |
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James Howard Kunstler muses on the increasing irrelevance of the two political parties in America. Neither party seems to be truly facing our energy predicament and the coming obsolescence of suburbia. Yet this is with the complete connivance of the voting public, which is too heavily invested in the status quo. Episode 37.

Peak Moment: Peak Oil and Its Effect on Climate Change

23 Sep 2008 | |
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The peak oil message is slow to gain acceptance, says energy analyst Randy Udall, because it's at odds with our optimistic It's-Morning-in-America mentality. Politicians "Don't Do Depletion." Randy describes challenges, mitigations, and exciting opportunities to create a prosperous path to a lower-energy future. In an excerpt from his presentation at the Association for the Study ofPeak Oil (ASPO-USA) conference in September 2008, the co-founder ofASPO-USA points out cornucopian myths about energy that are beingshattered by reality. His concern is that the peak oil crisis, whileless known than the climate crisis, will impact us sooner, and is notbeing factored into climate policy decisions. Peak Oil may in fact helpmoderate the climate crisis. Episode 132.