James Howard Kunstler speaks with Julian Darley


31 Dec 2004
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James Howard Kunstler - trenchant critic of the US suburban disaster, author of "Geography of Nowhere", "Home From Nowhere", & most recently "The City In Mind", which considered examples of both fine & failed cities across the planet - discussing oil peak & the future of suburbia with Julian Darley in a telephone interview to New York State.

This interview inspired the film The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream!

Complete interview [53:25] | mp3 | transcript

  1. How do you view 'peak oil' & why do you take it seriously? [2:43] | mp3 | transcript
  2. What about all the substitutes for oil - solar, hydrogen, nuclear etc, and how will suburbia fare in a low-energy world? [5:11] | mp3 | transcript
  3. What is New Urbanism? [5:11] | mp3 | transcript
  4. What is your opinion of the way city planners judge success by market values? [10:36] | mp3 | transcript
  5. What do you say to a city that is still converting its old infrastructure to parking structures (multi-storey car parks in British English)? [2:52] | mp3 | transcript
  6. What do you say to those who 'just don't believe' there will be energy shortages? [2:36] | mp3 | transcript
  7. What will be the impact of the coming fossil fuel peak on small towns? [4:51] | mp3 | transcript
  8. Will the current North American natural gas difficulties cause a wider questioning in the US of hydrocarbon problems? [4:16] | mp3 | transcript
  9. What are the prospects for the US 'sunbelt'? [3:39] | mp3 | transcript
  10. Do you see conflict arising between those in America who are willing to reduce their energy consumption considerably, and those who regard the American Way of Life as 'non-negotiable'? [0:29] | mp3 | transcript
  11. What do you think about the media response to oil peak? [2:20] | mp3 | transcript
  12. Why are people talking about currency, particularly the Euro, and oil? [3:56] | mp3 | transcript
  13. Is the US entitled to as much energy as it needs from anywhere it chooses? [2:06] | mp3 | transcript
  14. Is there any hidden blessing in the 'oil peak'? [2:00] | mp3 | transcript