KunstlerCast #2: Small Cities and Towns


21 Feb 2008 |
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In this weekly audio feature called "The KunstlerCast," author James Howard Kunstler and interviewer Duncan Crary explore the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl, with oil depletion as its backdrop. In this episode, James Howard Kunstler describes the impending end of cheap oil, which he calls The Long Emergency. Suburbia is a living arrangement with no future. Things are going to get pretty gnarly in the big cities, too. But small cities, that exist at a scale that can be rebuilt, are the places of the future.

The KunstlerCast features James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere, The Long Emergency and other books. Duncan Crary, host/producer, speaks with Kunstler weekly about the failure of suburbia and the inevitable end of this living arrangement with no future.

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