McNamara & Lowe at the Power to Change Sustainable Energy Expo


08 Apr 2006 |
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100km north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, The University of the Sunshine Coast this weekend hosted the Power To Change Sustainable Energy Expo. Presented by the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, the expo examined why it is imperative that we move towards sustainability and displayed practical ways for individuals, communities and governments to do so.

In the exhibition hall, exhibitors provided demonstrations and information about products ranging from hybrid cars to insulation to composting toilets. Outdoor displays gave attendees ideas on how to use the sun for pumping water and cooking, among other things. In the lecture hall, a dozen speakers made presentations throughout the day on topics like climate change, peak oil, geothermal technologies, the disadvantages of nuclear power, and the EPA's most recent sustainable energy programs. Many of the speakers focused on the need for relocalization, for emissions targets to be mandated and for more robust sustainable energy programs to be implemented by government bodies both locally and federally. The speakers also impressed the need to educate friends and relatives on a local level about the combined threat of global warming and oil depletion. At the end of the day a number of the speakers participated in an open forum, fielding questions from some of the 2,000 expo attendees.



Speaking about peak oil at the Sustainable Energy Expo was Andrew McNamara, Labor Party Member for Hervey Bay, Queensland. After his presentation he sat down with Global Public Media's Andi Hazelwood for a brief followup to his August 2005 GPM interview. McNamara provided an update on the status of Queensland's Oil Vulnerability Task Force report and talked about another related Parliamentary report, made a sobering prediction about the future price of oil and gas and took air conditioner retailers to task.



Another expo presenter was Ian Lowe, an Emeritus Professor of Science, Technology and Society at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland. He has held senior advisory roles for all three levels of government and has consulted extensively. In 1988, Ian was named Australian Humanist of the Year and in 2000 Ian received the Queensland Premier's Millennium Award for Excellence in Science and the Prime Minster's Environmental Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement. He writes a weekly column for New Scientist and received the year's Eureka Award for Promotion of Science. In this brief interview with Andi Hazelwood, Prof. Lowe focused on solutions to the climate change crisis at a national and local level.

AudioAndrew McNamara at the Power to Change Sustainable Energy Expo (length 12 min): download, stream
Ian Lowe at the Power to Change Sustainable Energy Expo (length 9 min 30 sec): download, stream