Peak Moment: Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Beyond


09 Jun 2007 | |
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Hot topics from Richard Heinberg: record-high U.S. fuel prices; the ethanol big-business boondoggle; coal projected to peak about a hundred years early (around 2020); what the climate change discussion is missing; and enjoying ourselves as we "go local." Episode 63.

Janaia Donaldson hosts Peak Moment, a television series emphasizing positive responses to energy decline and climate change through local community action. How can we thrive, build stronger communities, and help one another in the transition from a fossil fuel-based lifestyle?

VideoPeak Moment: Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Beyond (video) (length 28 min.): stream
AudioPeak Moment: Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Beyond (audio) (length 28 min.): download, stream

Well done.

Excellent interview. A lot of information packed into 28 minutes. Jenaia had good questions and Richard, as always, showed what a great teacher he is. Another good education tool to send to others.