Peak Moment: Protecting Your Money in a Declining Economy


10 Jul 2008 | |
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Are we in the perfect financial storm? Marc Cuniberti, a market analyst and host of "Money Matters" on our local community radio station KVMR, thinks so. Marc talks about the cause of inflation (rising prices are just a symptom) and how you can stop it with a candy bar! He discusses strategies to protect and even make money in a weakening economy -- like getting out of debt and investing in physical things you really need. In the stock market, he suggests dividend paying stocks, stressing the importance of using interest compounding in your favor: $100 saved today with an 8% return will grow to $200 in 9 years. Also read Janaia's blog about this conversation. (

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Money managers always exclude environment

I would say this. The driver for most money managers is profit, to the general exclusion of any other considerations e.g. ecology, environment. The reason the world is in trouble is because we have allowed our primary goal to be the maximizing of profit, with scant consideration of any relevant moral issues. The financial site this gentleman refers to is a prime example. "We could be drilling everywhere if only the environmentalists hadn't stopped us". "We could have solar arrays all over the Mojave desert, but the environmentalists are worried about a few tortoises and rodents". Worst of all is their current partisan-derived misinformation - "we are currently in a cooling trend". Uh, we are ? Not what I've heard from the climate scientists. Well, I say to the financial people - what kind of world would we have if some people with strong morals and convictions had not been stepping in to put the brakes on the destruction being wreaked by large corporate interests ? We'd have burned through the world even faster than we are doing now. Frankly, I don't think our primary consideration should be how we can protect our money. We'll be lucky if we have air to breathe and food on the table at all, if Global Warming (call it what it is, not the politically weaker "Climate Change") continues to accelerate the way it is doing currently. The "financial gurus" seem to deliberately neglect and deride the fact that the world is warming due to human activity, since, I guess, one can't make a profit out of that. Although, once cap and trade is put in place, I'm sure they will change their tune if it means they can make some money out of it.