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Colin J. Campbell is the founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO), and is a Patron of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC), a charitable organization in London that is dedicated to researching the date and impact of the peak and decline of world oil production, and raising awareness of the consequences. Educated at Oxford University, being awarded a Ph.D in 1957, Colin joined the oil industry as an exploration geologist. He has served in executive positions with Shenandoah Oil, Amoco, Fina and was Chairman of the Nordic American Oil Company. He has also served as a consultant on oil for the Bulgarian government as well as for Statoil, Mobil, Amerada, Total, Shell, and Esso. Colin is a member of The American Society of Petroleum Geologists, The Geological Society of London, and The Petroleum Institute of London. As a leading expert on oil depletion, he has both lectured and published widely, writing five books on the subject, the latest being Oil Crisis (2005).
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