Dennis Meadows

Dennis Meadows
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Dennis Meadows, Ph.D. President of the Laboratory for Interactive Learning Emeritus Professor of Systems Policy and Social Science Research, UNH • Formerly Director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research

He is co-author of The Limits to Growth, first published in 1972, and now updated -- The Limits to Growth: The 30 year update.

Dennis participated for ten years in the management board of The Browne Center where he facilitates workshops and contributes innovative and complex games to the curriculum. He is President of the Balaton Group, a network of 50 professionals in 25 nations involved in systems science and public policy. He has been a corporate board member and a consultant for government, industry and non-profit groups in the U.S. and many countries abroad. He has a Ph.D. in Management from MIT, where he served on the faculty, and four honorary doctorates. He has written or co-authored ten books on systems, futures, and educational games—they have been translated into more than 30 languages. He is Past President of the International System Dynamics Society and the International Simulation and Games Association. Presently he is working to refine a day-long workshop, based on games, lectures, and small-group discussions that help participants master the fundamentals of systems thinking and apply them concretely to the solution of their organization's problems.

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