Prof. Keith Barnham on solar and nuclear

Keith Barnham

25 Aug 2006 |
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Keith Barnham is a professor of physics at Imperial College London. He started his research career in what used to be called "High Energy Nuclear Physics" at CERN and at Berkeley, California. In 1989 he switched to the study of "Photovoltaics" partly as a result of a study he made on plutonium production in U.K. civil nuclear reactors with colleagues in SANA. SANA were Scientists Against Nuclear Arms the predecessor of Scientists for Global Reponsibility. In this interview with GPM correspondent Richard Scrase, Barnham comments on the recent UK government energy review. He makes the link between the UK military demand for nuclear material and the governments decision to go for the nuclear option. Barnham also explains how solar energy can provide the UK with much of its energy, if we follow the lead of Germany, Japan and many other countries. Lastly, Barnham describes a new window blind that contains the latest generation of photovoltaic cell cell so that it can generate electricity, keep out the suns glare, but still allow enough diffuse light through for office-work.

A recent article, Strange Love, by Keith Barnham and David Lowry about the link between military and civil nuclear power is available here.

AudioProf. Keith Barnham on solar and nuclear (length 27 min): download, stream