Reality Report: Natural Gas Cliff and Credit Situation


29 Dec 2008 |
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In this edition of The Reality Report host Jason Bradford interviews Nate Hagens. In a show broadcast over a year ago Nate described the financial deleveraging process and how this could lead to commodity deflation, including "$50 oil."

Topics in this program include how the current financial meltdown may impact the timing and severity of peak oil and natural gas--including the dreaded "natural gas cliff" as rigs go idle due to low prices. We discuss whether this means economic growth is now over, and if so, how should societies adjust?

Nate is a former Wall Street investments manager and has an MBA from University of Chicago. He is working on his doctorate at the University of Vermont's Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Nate is also an editor for The Oil Drum, an online source for news, analysis and discussions about energy and our future.

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