Richard Heinberg on the Oil Depletion Protocol


22 Aug 2006 |
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Richard Heinberg appears on ABC Australia's "Late Night Live". "Over the last few years we've all been hearing about Peak Oil - the time when the international production of this much needed fossil fuel reaches its highest point, and reserves begin declining. There's debate about when this will happen - some say it will be up to 30 years, while others say we could see it this decade. But in an industrialised world reliant on oil for so much production and international trade - what can be done to prepare for the inevitable depletion of oil whenever it does arrive. Petroleum geologist and founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, Dr Colin Campbell has a proposed a plan that would see countries vountarily sign up to reduce their oil production and oil imports over time. Richard Heinberg is a journalist, lecturer and author of several books looking at responses to future oil shortages, including The Party's Over and Power Down. In his latest book The Oil Depletion Protocol: a plan to avert oil wars, terrorism and economic collapse Heinberg argues the case for the Oil Depletion Protocol as the answer for Peak Oil."

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