Richard Heinberg speaks with Darley about The Party's Over

Richard Heinberg

31 Dec 2004
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Richard Heinberg discussing his book "The Party's Over - Oil, War, and the Fate of Industrial Societies" with Julian Darley in a telephone interview to Santa Rosa, CA. This interview covers the wide ranging discussion of the implications of the end of the petroleum age.

In two large, continuous sections

Most of Part 1 is available as separate clips:

  1. What is oil peak? [5:40] | mp3 | transcript
  2. What do the critics of oil peak say? [5:41] | mp3 | transcript
  3. What is 'net energy' & why is it important to understanding the consequences of oil peak? [5:38] | mp3 | transcript
  4. Why do you talk about the 'fate' of industrial societies - why is it rather bleak? [5:51] | mp3 | transcript
  5. Is it possible for an 'advanced' industrial society to survive a large energy decline? [4:21] | mp3 | transcript
  6. What is your view of hydrogen & other substitutes for and alternatives to hydrocarbons - won't they allow us to continue our industrial way of life? [11:41] | mp3 | transcript