San Francisco Peak Oil Town Hall Meeting: What's Happening With Oil?


04 Aug 2008 |
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The San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force is conducting a series of town hall meetings from August 4 through August 20 to help educate the people of San Francisco on Peak Oil and how we need to prepare ourselves and our city for it.

Their full report will come out this fall. Find out more about the task force, including learning how to attend their public meetings, by visiting their web page.

In partnership with students from the Presidio School of Management and other committed citizens, the meetings cover:

  • What's Happening with Oil
  • Growing Food in an Urban Environment
  • Creating Communities and Local Economies
  • Transportation
  • Personal Preparation
  • Keeping Healthy in a Post Peak World

Interested in attending a future meeting? They are free and you can register here.

In this meeting we covered:
  • the geologic reasons behind peak oil
  • the alternatives we have to oil
  • the expected impact on climate change from peak oil
  • the likely impacts of peak oil on the economy and our societies
  • and the kind of response that will be required of us

You can download the slide deck here (PDF 5.7MB).

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