Scientist David Fridley on energy, China and globalization


26 May 2007 | |
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David Fridley, staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses biofuels, China, globalization and high fuel prices with Global Public Media's Julian Darley. Choose any of the three video interview segments or listen to the complete audio of the interview by clicking any of the links below.

David Fridley is part of Lawrence Berkeley's Energy Analysis Program, Environmental Energies Technology Division. The EAP generates and interprets information to inform governments and international institutions on energy-related issues to assist in the formulation of energy and environmental policies. Fridley is also deputy group leader of Lawrence Berkeley's China Energy Group, which collaborates with the Chinese on end-use energy efficiency, industrial energy use, government energy management programs, data compilation and analysis, medium and long term energy policy research.

VideoScientist David Fridley on the biofuels alternative (part 1) (length 17 min. 10 sec.): stream
Scientist David Fridley on China and energy (part 2) (length 12 min. 32 sec.): stream
Scientist David Fridley on globalization and high gas prices (part 3) (length 7 min. 6 sec.): stream
AudioScientist David Fridley on energy, China and globalization (audio) (length 42 min. 12 sec.): download, stream