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Peak Moment: Human Scale Tools for a Sustainable World

10 Aug 2007 | |
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At Smith and Speed Mercantile on Orcas Island, hand tools line the walls and tables along with organic wool comforters and non-toxic paints. It's an extension of Errol Speed and Kathleen Smith's off-grid homestead where they work at "the speed of living," using hand tools that reconnect them to the earth. Episode 67.


Peak Moment: Boulder County Going Local!

09 Aug 2007 | |
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Michael Brownlee didn't stop after creating the Boulder Valley Relocalization group. He's catalyzing Boulder County's Going Local! campaign, encouraging residents to buy local first, eat and grow local food, create local energy and local currency. The community will celebrate at a "Renaissance of Local" festival, conference and expo with a feast prepared by the local Slow Food group. Episode 66.


Peak Moment: Singing Minstrels - Teaching Kids About Climate Change

27 Jul 2007 | |
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Enjoy toe-tapping tunes as environmental educators Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz regale us with songs like "Penguins on Thin Ice." Their shared goal is for education to be fun and entertaining. Their catchy lyrics bid "Goodbye, Oil" and ask "How do we find the balance?" Their answer: "The economy depends on the ecology." Sing along! Episode 65.


Peak Moment: Saving the Good Stuff - "The Exchange" at Orcas Island Dump

27 Jul 2007 | |
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When you go to the "dump" on Orcas Island, you get a bonus. Along with dropping off your recyclables and trash, you can leave your re-usables and pick up what you need at The Exchange. This thrift + building materials + appliance + home furnishings + sporting goods store has no set prices; you pay "what it's worth to you." Founder George Post recounts how The Exchange grew out of the scavenging of useful "stuff" that occurred all the time at the informal dump of days gone by. Episode 64.


Peak Moment: Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Beyond

09 Jun 2007 | |
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Hot topics from Richard Heinberg: record-high U.S. fuel prices; the ethanol big-business boondoggle; coal projected to peak about a hundred years early (around 2020); what the climate change discussion is missing; and enjoying ourselves as we "go local." Episode 63.


Peak Moment: Sustainable Vashon - A Learning and Action Network

30 May 2007 | |
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Three women envisioning a sustainable island share their activities: Sustainable Vashon's Merrilee Runyan describes "Edible Island" and "Green Seed grants." Farmer Lisa Mathias of Vashon Island Growers Association envisions more neighborhood food production. Hillery Crocker coordinates the annual 3-day island Earth Fair celebrating local food, arts, wellness and community. Episode 61.


Peak Moment: The Elephant in the Peak Oil Living Room

17 May 2007 | |
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Richard Katz and Dennis Brumm burst the technofix dream-bubble by naming the hard stuff: the lack of sufficient alternatives to oil and gas at the enormous scale needed. Overpopulation exceeding the planet's carrying capacity. Potential collapse. But wait! they close with ideas for positive individual responses. Episode 60.


Peak Moment: BriarPatch Co-op - Building for the New Century

17 May 2007 | |
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Manager Paul Harton welcomes us to the newly-built BriarPatch Coop natural foods market. It's LEED™ certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and incorporates innovative design throughout. Architect Jeff Gold shows state-of-the-art water and space heating, lighting and skylights, and a polished concrete floor with a "river" running through it. Episode 59.


Peak Moment: The Worm Guy

10 May 2007 | |
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Watch a worm birth from a cocoon. See compost produced from food scraps, horse manure, and lots of worms. See the machine that separates castings (worm poop) from compost. The Worm Guy, Mark Yelken, says that worms are "the intestines of the Earth", fertilizing and activating microbial activity. Stick around to learn about the "Worm Wigwam" and "Worm Tea". Episode 58.


Peak Moment: Energy Savings for the Home

22 Apr 2007 | |
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Todd Cory lives in a zero energy home. He started by conserving a whopping 70% of his energy use. Then he installed solar hot water and electricity connected to the grid. This renewable energy installer brims with enthusiastic ideas about having fun consuming less energy, starting with "the low hanging fruit"-- what's easy and cheapest to do. Episode 57.