The Cyanide Solution Part I: No time for Nukes

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14 Mar 2005 |
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Feature Story by Kéllia Ramares of Radio Internet Story Exchange for Global Public Media

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Many conservatives and some so-called environmentalists and greens now espouse nuclear power as the solution to combat global warming. Kéllia Ramares investigates whether building a new generation of nuclear power plants is practical, possible, or wise given both their huge expense and that climate change is already occurring and global oil peak is imminent. (The issues of nuclear waste and security will be dealt with later in this series).

The following people are featured in the report:

  • Scott Burnell - Spokesperson - Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Maryland, US
  • Richard Heinberg - Author - The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies - California, US
  • Sheila Watt-Cloutier - Chairperson - Inuit Circumpolar Conference - Nunavut, Canada
  • Tom Williams - Spokesperson - Duke Power - North Carolina, US
  • John Ritch - Director General - World Nuclear Association, UK

Stay tuned for Part II of The Cyanide Solution on nuclear waste.
* The Cyanide Solution refers to the unfortunate new global policies of dramatically increasing coal and nuclear power stations. The chemical formula of cyanide is CN.

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