Reality Report: Local Biofuels Production


18 Jun 2007 |
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Kumar Plocher of Yokayo Biofuels and Chris Hansen of the Post Carbon Institute's Local Energy Farms discuss production of local biofuels—what are the options for crops, land, processing and distribution?

This program is a follow-up to the David Fridley interview. Full of more stunning statistics about how relatively little biofuels yield compared to our current consumption of gasoline and diesel. Data on biofuels are also difficult to interpret, so work understanding the infrastructure, labor and net energy outputs is needed on local scales. Because crops are crucial for food and feedstocks, we end by advocating more electrification of farm equipment and transportation and using biofuels as little as possible, perhaps as “waste” stream collection as in the local biodiesel production discussed in the show.

Jason Bradford hosts The Reality Report, broadcast on KZYX&Z in Mendocino County, CA.

AudioThe Reality Report: Local Biofuels Production (audio) (length 47 min.): download, stream