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World Bank Specialist: The 2008 Oil Price Spike and the Airline Industry

27 Feb 2009
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In July 2008, the price of crude oil reached an historical high level of US$147 per barrel. However, as a consequence of falling demand over the following six months, the price declined by well over 60%. This article, by Charles E. Schlumberger, Principal Air Transport Specialist of the World Bank, examines the causes behind the oil price spike, which has become a serious commercial threat to many airlines.


KunstlerCast: The future of air travel

25 Sep 2008 |
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James Howard Kunstler says that the airline industry is visibly disintegrating around us and it probably won't be around in the form we know it for much longer. He predicts that air travel will be very different in as few as 36 months: cheap airfares for the broad middle class will not be available; long distance air routes might be temporarily nationalized; eventually, flying will become an increasingly elite activity for the wealthy. Episode 32.

Airbus And Boeing Face A Dark And Painful Future

01 Jul 2008
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Former Airbus insider, Kristen Lagadec, explains to GlobalPublicMedia why high oil prices are even more painful for aircraft manufacturers than for the airlines, who are already suffering.


Saying Goodbye to Air Travel

14 May 2008
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Richard Heinberg muses on the passing of the days of cheap air travel: The airline industry has no future. The same is true for airfreight. Noair carrier has a viable plan to make a profit with oil at currentprices—much less in years to come as the petroleum available to worldmarkets dwindles rapidly.