Reality Report: Daniel Lerch and Post Carbon Cities

01 Feb 2008 |
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The Reality Report interviews Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty, the first major local government guidebook on peak oil and global warming. The interview opens with a discussion of the responsibilities and roles of local government, where important decisions are made regarding land use, transportation, water systems, schools and emergency services. It reviews how systems thinking can be used to understand the impacts that "energy uncertainty" will have on basic government services, and covers what some local governments in the U.S. and Canada are already doing in repsonse to peak oil. With transcript.


James Howard Kunstler on the human habitat

14 Jan 2008 |
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Author James Howard Kunstler talks with Duncan Crary of the Institute for Humanist Studies about the tragedy/comedy of suburban sprawl, what makes a successful town, and the fantasy of alternative fuels.


Peak Moment: Affordable Homes Forever - OPAL Community Land Trust

11 Jan 2008 | |
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This land trust is creating permanently affordable homes amidst increasingly-expensive real estate on beautiful Orcas Island, Washington. Co-founder Michael Sky explains how they provide 99-year leases on the homes built on land trust property. Restrictions limiting the resale value allow owners to sell at a reasonable profit while keeping the homes affordable forever., Episode 89.


Reality Report: The World Without Us

30 Nov 2007 |
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On this episode of The Reality Report, Alan Weisman talks about his book "The World Without Us," a fascinating study of what would happen to our built infrastructure and the natural world were humans to vanish. Though the book's scenario is far fetched, it works as a teaching device. It gives one a sense of the vulnerabilities we face with resource constraints as we may find it difficult to maintain what was built with fossil energy and rich mineral ores.


Peak Moment: City Repair - Permaculture for Urban Spaces

26 Oct 2007 | |
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What happens when citizens apply permaculture principles to a city grid? They create friendly places within the grid that invite people to come together. Mark Lakeman, co-founder of Portland, Oregon's City Repair Project describes these "creative intervention" projects as placemaking at its best. People learn to work together, build trust and have fun. The results, from painted intersections to cob benches and other organic structures, invite people "to inhabit the planet on our own terms" rather than the grid-locked culture imposed by the city. Episode 76.


Peak Moment: San Francisco Takes Action on Climate Change

22 Sep 2007 | |
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Cal Broomhead and Melissa Capria of the Energy & Climate Program discuss the rationale, aggressive plans, and activities for city-wide energy self-reliance and greenhouse gas reduction. Tools include energy efficiency in buildings, transit alternatives, alternative vehicle fuels, generating electricity with renewable energy, and solid waste reduction. Episode 74.


Peak Moment: The Social Effects of Peak Oil

22 Aug 2007 | |
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How will rising oil prices affect low- and middle-class lives? Sociologist and professor Rowan Wolf sees at-risk populations growing while government services and class divides are increasingly strained. A member of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force, she discusses relocalizing our economies, to counter globalization based on an unsupportable grow-or-die economic model. Episode 69.