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Reality Report: Bay Localize

26 Feb 2007 |
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This week's guest is Kirsten Schwind, Programs Coordinator for Bay Localize, a coalition of groups working towards a localization strategy and projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. The show will discusses how localization is emerging as a strategy common to diverse interest groups, such as climate change, social justice, peak oil, local business, economic security, anti-sprawl, sustainability, and political self-governance activists.
Stuart Ramsey

Stuart Ramsey: Oil, That Is

08 Feb 2007 |
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Transportation engineer and planner for the City of Burnaby, Stuart Ramsey, gives a presentation to the National Resource Council Canada's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation. Ramsey focuses on urban transportation strategies for addressing the challenges of peak oil and climate change. These are issues that will require changes, on an unprecedented scale, to how we produce and consume energy.
Capitol Hill

Richard Bell: "Don’t Build It and They Will Come": The Evolving West

22 Feb 2007
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Watching a new paradigm about energy and climate change grabbing hold in the U.S. Congress is a fascinating sight, even if the process is still agonizingly slow in comparison to the rate at which the world is changing.

Richard Bell, Post Carbon Institute Communications Director
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February News 2007

22 Feb 2007
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February was a big month for climate change at the U.S. Congress, and Post Carbon’s Communication Director Richard Bell has been covering the latest hearings. The highest profile hearing was in mid-February, featuring Sir Nicholas Stern, author of the last fall’s highly influential Stern Review of The Economics of Climate Change.
Julian speaking

Julian Darley: "Relocalize Now!"

10 Aug 2006 | |
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Presenting in Port Townsend, Washington, the founder/director of Post Carbon Institute lays out the problem of "overshoot", highlighting the impending worldwide oil and natural gas crisis, with a snapshot of Washington State's energy profile. Relocalization is the prime strategy to reduce community fossil fuel dependence. Post Carbon initiatives include Global Public Media, the Relocalization Network, Municipal Toolkit, Energy Farms Network, and the forthcoming book Relocalize Now!
Michael Abelman

Deconstructing Dinner: Michael Ableman - Fields of Plenty

22 Feb 2007 |
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Michael Abelman's most recent book "Fields of Plenty" describes the growing community of farmers and food artisans, who are producing sustainable nourishment that is respectful to the land and rich in heritage, flavor and commitment. This broadcast features a recording of a November 2005 event where Michael spoke to an audience in Vancouver.

Peak Moment: Land Trusts - Keeping Local Agriculture Alive

12 Feb 2007 | |
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Land trusts are an important part of the voluntary protection of working agricultural lands, which can also protect water quality, habitat, and beauty, not to mention food production expertise. Land trust veterans Cheryl Belcher and Dan Macon, himself a farmer, discuss the critical role of small scale food producers in the local economy and the challenges they face -- from misperceptions of farming to policies favoring big agriculture. Episode 50.

Peak Moment: Local Currencies: Replacing Scarcity with Trust

05 Feb 2007 | |
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Francis Ayley established over a dozen local currencies in the UK before moving to the U.S. He contrasts our standard, scarcity- and debt-based money system with local currencies in which "there's always as much as you need." Local currencies like his Fourth Corner Exchange issue money when members trade goods and services. Communities with local currencies will be less affected when recession or depression hits the mainstream economy. Episode 49.
Sir Nicholas Stern leftface

Richard Bell: Stern Stern on Climate Change at Senate Hearing

08 Feb 2007
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Climate report author Sir Nicholas Stern lays down the law at a U.S. Senate hearing: the costs of inaction on climate change will be far higher than the costs of acting today. No more excuses.
Invisible Giant

Deconstructing Dinner: Agri-Business Exposed I (Cargill Part I)

08 Feb 2007 |
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The Agri-Business Exposed Series on Deconstructing Dinner will explore the major agricultural companies whose names are rarely heard by the eating public. Part I and II of the series will take a look at agricultural giant Cargill.