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Reality Report: The Importance of Water

15 Jan 2007 |
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This week's guest on the Reality Report is Dr. Peter Gleick, President and co-founder of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security, based in Oakland, CA. The show discusses how water is intricately connected to energy, climate and social systems, how changes in one part ripple through others.
Capitol Hill

Richard Bell: Polar Bears on Parade

27 Jan 2007
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Are polar bears going to save the world from global warming? At a Senate committee hearing today on the effects of global warming on wildlife, the fate of polar bears seized center stage.

BBC: Farming, supermarkets and the end of cheap oil

27 Jan 2007
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Should we all be preparing for a life without supermarkets? There's a growing school of thought that argues that the way we shop and the way supermarkets organise their food supplies just won't be possible once the era of cheap oil comes to an end.

Reality Report: Bart Anderson of Energy Bulletin

07 Feb 2007 |
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The Reality Report interviews Bart Anderson a co-editor of Energy Bulletin, an on-line source for news and commentary related to energy, society and the environment. Bart is a trained journalist now specializing in media coverage and the cultural response to peak oil and global warming. This show is a news round-up and discussion of how the press is dealing with issues such as peak oil, rising energy and commodity prices, climate change and the social ramifications.

Peak Moment: A Defining Moment in Human History

29 Jan 2007 | |
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The planet is rapidly confronting us with limits to the exploitative, dominator system of the past 5000 years. David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, and more recently The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, implores us to replace the old dominator-control stories with new stories -- affirming life values of cooperation, community and interdependence. Episode 48.

Peak Moment: The San Francisco Peak Oil Resolution

29 Jan 2007 | |
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San Francisco is the first American city to formally address the challenges of oil depletion. Dennis Brumm and Allyse Heartwell recount how members of SF Oil Awareness envisioned, wrote and presented to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a Peak Oil resolution, which was passed unanimously in April 2006. They explore next steps: public hearings and plans to create a task force to assess the city's energy vulnerability. Episode 47.
Wally Satzewich

Deconstructing Dinner: Farming in the City I

31 Aug 2006 |
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As current farming practices are proving to be unsustainable in the long-term, urban agriculture is looked upon by many as being a critical shift that needs to take place if we are to ensure a sufficient level of food security in the near and distant future.
Jorgen Randers

Limits to Growth co-author on climate change

20 Nov 2006 |
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If climate change sparks a global collapse this century, future historians are unlikely to acknowledge what caused it, says Norwegian scholar Jorgen Randers.
Dale Alan Pfeiffer

Dale Alan Pfeiffer on Eating Fossil Fuels

20 Nov 2006 |
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Kellia Ramares of Radio Internet Story Exchange talks to author Dale Alan Pfeiffer about his book Eating Fossil Fuels.
Corn field

Top Energy Scientists Agree, Bush Wrong on Alternative Fuels

18 Jan 2007
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"...witnesses from three of America’s premier energy research institutions cast grave doubt on the feasibility of reaching President Bush’s State of the Union goal of manufacturing 35 billion gallons a year of alternative fuels by 2017." Post Carbon Institute Communications Director Richard Bell reports.