NASA research scientist on peak oil and climate change

24 Dec 2007 |
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"In terms of resolving these two problems of peak fossil fuels and climate change... mitigation policies for peak oil, peak coal and peak gas should be done in tandem with mitigation policies for climate change. And I think there's no reason that that shouldn't happen. In fact it makes the most sense to me." NASA research scientist Dr. Pushker Kharecha speaks with David Room about "Implications of 'peak oil' for atmospheric CO2 and climate," a paper Kharecha co-wrote with one of the world's foremost climate scientists, Dr. James Hansen. The paper, which has been submitted for peer-reviewed publication in a scientific journal, is one of few that consider both climate instability and oil depletion.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter #185: Peak Everything

03 Sep 2007
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This book is not an introduction to the subject of Peak Oil; several existing volumes serve that function (including my own The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies). Instead it addresses the social and historical context in which the event is occurring, and explores how we can reorganize our thinking and action in several critical areas in order to better navigate this perilous time.


Reality Report: Bart Anderson and the lastest news from Energy Bulletin

10 Aug 2007 |
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Bart Anderson of Energy Bulletin recaps recent news related to resource depletion, climate change and more.


Dr. Albert Bartlett, In Depth

22 Jun 2007 |
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Dr. Albert Bartlett, professor emeritus of Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder discusses population growth, peak oil and global warming, solutions and sustainability in great detail with GPM's Andi Hazelwood. The in depth interview closes with a brief discussion of A Depletion Protocol for Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Australia as an Example and a look at Queensland's local government reform plan.


Peak Moment: Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Beyond

09 Jun 2007 | |
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Hot topics from Richard Heinberg: record-high U.S. fuel prices; the ethanol big-business boondoggle; coal projected to peak about a hundred years early (around 2020); what the climate change discussion is missing; and enjoying ourselves as we "go local." Episode 63.


Richard Heinberg: Coal’s Future in Doubt

09 May 2007
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MuseLetter #179 (March, 2007), “Burning the Furniture” consisted of a summary of the conclusions of a recent study by the Energy Watch Group (EWG) on future global coal supplies. That study, “Coal: Resources and Future Production,” published on April 5, found that global coal production could peak in as few as 15 years. This astonishing conclusion was based on a careful analysis of recent reserves revisions for several nations.


Richard Bell: House Hearing Puts the Heat on Climate Stagnators

22 Apr 2007
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The new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held its first offical hearing with witnesses from the Sierra Club to the former head of the CIA. Several Republican members of the committee were still dragging their heels, but the witnesses agreed across the board that global warming was real, that human activities were worsening global warming, and that the peoples of the world face a crisis that requires urgent and drastic actions.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter #179: Burning the Furniture

22 Mar 2007 | |
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A soon-to-be-released study by the Energy Watch Group in Germany on the future of global coal supplies has implications so surprising and far-reaching that energy policymakers may take years to digest it. This essay is intended to help speed that process. The report’s central conclusions are that minable global coal reserves are much smaller than is commonly thought, and that a peak in world coal production is likely within only ten to fifteen years.
Big Coal

Author Jeff Goodell on Big Coal

21 May 2006 |
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Author and journalist Jeff Goodell discusses his upcoming book Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future with GPM correspondent Jason Brenno.
Andrew Weissman

Ritawatch 6: Natural Gas Expert, Andrew Weissman

25 Sep 2005 |
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Natural gas market analyst Andrew Weissman tells Global Public Media's Dave Room about some the far-reaching effects of the recent Gulf of Mexico hurricanes.