Deconstructing Dinner: Kootenay Harvest Revival I (The Local Grain Revolution IV) / GE-Free Zones IV

06 Nov 2008 |
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On Part IV of the series, we explore the first in a three-partseries of recordings from the Kootenay Harvest Revival - an event hosted byDeconstructing Dinner, the Nelson-Creston Grain CSA and All Seasons Café.Day 1 of the event heard from a series of speakers who shared the history offood production in the Kootenay regions of British Columbia. By exploringwhat was once possible to grow and produce in the area, it was hoped thatthe event would inspire visions of what the soil is currently able toprovide both now and into the future.

KunstlerCast: Victorian Stroll

11 Dec 2008 |
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James Howard Kunstler joins host Duncan Crary for the Victorian Stroll in downtown Troy, NY. During this annual event, the city evicts the automobile from the streets and 21st century people discover how pleasurable it is to explore this 19th century urban fabric on foot. Kunstler believes events like this are rehearsal for the times ahead when Americans will be forced to re-inhabit their small cities and classic main-street towns.

Deconstructing Dinner: Co-operatives: Alternatives to Industrial Food V (Common Ground Food Coop)

25 Sep 2008 |
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The Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, Illinois is a very promising and inspiring sign that communities can indeed come together and build or expand upon their very own co-operative grocery store.

Peak Moment: Finding Opportunity in Peak Oil

18 Sep 2008 | |
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Molly Brown sees Peak Oil as both a challenge and an invitation to create a better world. After awakening to Peak Oil, she explored her own responses -- inner attitude and outer action. Personal changes include creating a vegie garden and bicycling. Noting that individual survivalist mentality is insufficient ("we are all interconnected"), she helped form a local group to awaken and prepare her community. As a therapist, Molly sees this predicament on several levels, noting how crises have the potential to bring out the better part of human beings. Episode 128.

Peak Moment: Go-Getter Gets Governments Going on Sustainability

24 Jul 2008 | |
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Energetic Kris Holstrom is the first Sustainability Coordinator for Telluride and a smart Colorado county. The action plan she developed encompasses energy efficiency and renewables, green building, food and water security, economy, and recycling/resource recovery. She enlightens us about green codes, incentives and rebates, a household energy audit program, public education speakers and conferences, even farm tours for schoolkids. For Kris, what’s at the heart of sustainability is building relationships within the community and with the land, wherever we live. Episode 120.

Peak Moment: We Make the Path by Walking: White Oak Farm CSA

22 May 2008 | |
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Amidst cob-wall plastering in the background, co-director Stacey Denton relays the story of the first years at White Oak Farm and Educational Center in Oregon: Acquiring the 62 acres of food and pasture and protecting it through conservation easements, creating their non-profit organization. See food baskets for their CSA (community supported agriculture) program, visit their abundant permaculture-based farm; attend a workshop in natural building; and delight with kids in an educational program "down on the farm." Episode 111.

Peak Moment: Community Gardens Grow Communities

01 May 2008 | |
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Patrick Marcus and other motivated citizens sprouted a community garden on city land slated to be a park in Ashland, Oregon. When the garden was threatened by plans to develop the park, they got active. Their research and advocacy led to official policy supporting community gardens in city parks. As the volunteer garden manager, Patrick affirms gardening isn't just for leisure -- it helps build community. It creates bonds among people from diverse social spheres -- through shared work, classes, potlucks and, most of all, shared passion. Episode 106.

MuseLetter #192: Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management

03 Apr 2008
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The following is a proposal to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks from resource depletion, beginning with Peak Oil, and perhaps also to shocks from other causes (such as the ongoing subprime mortgage and credit collapse). Making existing petroleum-reliant communities truly sustainable is a huge task. Virtually every system must be redesigned—from transport to food, sanitation, health care, and manufacturing.

Peak Moment: To Be of Use - Serving the Community

20 Mar 2008 | |
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A vocal proponent of going local, Dave Smith co-founded the BriarPatch cooperative market, co-owned "Smith and Hawken" and now owns a used book store he can walk to. His book To Be Of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work honors "creative action heros" who meet real needs rather than just desires. He suggests judging others not by their stated values but by their virtues -- their character and actions. (, Episode 102.

Peak Moment: Toward New Models of Shared Leadership

18 Feb 2008 | |
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Mediator Anne Oliver would have us move back to our wisdom and forward to new social forms that are inclusive, respect all voices, and share leadership. She uses "Appreciative Inquiry" where we tell each other our stories, and out of our successful experiences, find values that can lead us into the future. Episode 97.