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Crop to Cuisine: Local Food Resources

08 Jul 2009 |
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More and more people are becoming interested in the details of our food system. How crops are grown, where it comes from, the quality of animal treatment. But for most of us, it isn't always easy to access the information. Never fear, Crop To Cuisine is here. We feature a number of people doing the leg work and providing the resources so many of us need. Carol O'Meara provides us with words of wisdom when it comes to growing potatoes. Wendy White introduces the 25th annual Colorado Farm Fresh Directory. Jennifer Olson illustrates the important relationship between farmers and chefs through photography. And Anne Zander helps people preserve the harvest through the digital age.

Crop to Cuisine: Food & Wine Magazine Celebrates Sustainable Food in Aspen

18 Jun 2009 |
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Crop To Cuisine gives you the exclusive sneak peak into this years Aspen Food & Wine Classic. The festival has come to be a destination for some of the worlds most recognized celebrity chefs. And while these people have paved the way for a culture of food, we are drawing attention towards those in the industry that are working towards sustainable food & farming practices. You don't want to miss this episode of Crop To Cuisine. We hear from Chef Michel Nischan, a good friend of the late Paul Newman and the founder of the Wholesome Wave Foundation. We also speak with Peter Jacobsen. Peter has been a farmer in California's Napa Valley for over 28 years, and has worked closely with some of the worlds greatest chefs, including Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) and Michael Chiarello (Restaurant Bottega). Our guests also include a team of Colorado Chefs and Brewers, offering food, wine and beer pairings at the Aspen event, using almost entirely locally and sustainably grown products.

Crop to Cuisine: Turning on the Water Works, Part 1

04 Jun 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we begin our series on water, entitled Turning On the Water Works. We speak with two of Colorado's water lawyers who explain the complicated legal framework behind H2O. And we hear from Bob Munson, a farmer who has seen water come and water go - and everything in between. We also hear from our resident gardening expert, Carol O'Meara. She shares he affinity for garden pests. Aired on June 1, 2009.

Crop to Cuisine: Slow Money

21 May 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we connect the dots between out outdated and broken economic system and our food system. We speak with founder of the Slow Money Alliance, Woody Tasch. We also visit a local farm to see how Slow Money principles can take shape and sustain a farm well into the future. We also hear from Master Gardener Carol O'Meara as the gardening season takes off. Aired on May 4, 2009.

Crop to Cuisine: Art Eggertsen Speaks on Humanity, Good Food & Animal Welfare

14 May 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we speak with food activist, humanitarian, and animal welfare advocate, Art Eggertsen. Art has worn many hats during his long career in food and health. He joins us in the studio to discuss his accomplishments, his new projects, and his thoughts on the future of food in this country. We hear about lobbying for animal welfare, health, life in Utah, and the planned sustainable community called Entelechy.

Crop to Cuisine: Buffalo Field Campaign & Microbreweries for the Environment

22 Apr 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we look at opportunities to get support local food at community events and we get ready for two events in Colorado. Joined by Justine Sanchez of the Buffalo Field Campaign, we hear about the plight of wild buffalo in Yellowstone, and how the BFC have teamed up with the Black Cat Restaurant to do something about it. We also talk with Marianne Martin of Microbrews for the Environment, as well as three of this years participating breweries. Sustainable food and agriculture should be a party.

Crop to Cuisine: Permaculture II

08 Apr 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we look at opportunities to get educated in permaculture design across Colorado this Spring and Summer. Permaculture is a system of Permanent - Agriculture. See how you can get involved with a number of educational centers from the front range to over 9000 ft above sea level. We hear from Zia Parker and James Desimmone in Boulder, Sandy Cruz and Jason Gerhardt in Nederland, and Jerome Osentowski in Basalt.

Crop to Cuisine: Cool Cuisine and Fresh Food

23 Mar 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we take a look at two authors who come to the forefront of sustainability and food from unlikely backgrounds. Eugene Cordero is a professor of Meteorology and has joined forces with Laura Stec to write Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite out of Global Warming. And R.J. Ruppenthal is a professor of law. His new publication, Fresh Food From Small Spaces, is a handbook for people living in urban areas that want to live sustainably through food. We speak with both about their passion for food, the role of innovation in a greener world and having fun with all of it.

Crop to Cuisine: Rethinking Local Food

04 Mar 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we take a look at a new member of Colorado's sustainable restaurants. Arugula Bar E Ristorante is the creation of Chef Alec Schuler, a mindful, clever and resourceful chef bringing Northern Italy to the Rockies. We also talk sausage with Laurie Mulay of Mulay Sausages. And finally, we talk with a researcher out of the University of Edinburgh about the Fife Diet and Edmund Harris tells us why he is taking a second look at the local food movement.

Crop To Cuisine: New frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS

14 Feb 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we take a look at a new frontier in Colorado agriculture, HOPS. Colorado is produces more beer than any other state, and more craft beer for that matter. But there is no hops industry in the state, which is weird considering Colorado's great climate and landscape. Hops supplies have been falling in recent years, causing the price to skyrocket. But the new generation of farmer is here to fix the problem.