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Crop to Cuisine: Backyard Chickens

12 May 2008 |
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The average person consumes around 260 eggs each year. And in the United States, most of those eggs come from the Midwest and California. Crop to Cuisine looks into what it takes to keep our food local - and when it comes to eggs - there are lots of options.

In this episode we will be visiting a small family "free range" egg farm. We will also be joined by Kelly Simmons. She is the Director for the Boulder Sustainability Education Center, and teaches people how to care for and raise egg laying hens in household backyards.

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Crop to Cuisine: Why Localism Matters

27 Mar 2008 |
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Localization of our food supply is one of the most critical ways we will improve the condition of our planet. There are many things we can be doing in the way of environmental sustainability. But none of them play as central a role in everyone's life as food. In this episode, we launch Crop To Cuisine onto the airwaves discussing the reasons that localization of our food supply is so important, including the historical context, environmental impacts, and even economic benefits. Our guests include Amy Trubek, PhD, Dawn Thilmany, PhD, and Jon Ash, Chef and Author.