Deconstructing Dinner


Deconstructing Dinner: Biofuel Boom: Greenwashing and Crimes Against Humanity

06 Nov 2007 |
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The first of a two-part series that will crtically analyze what is being suggested as the worst public policy mistake in a generation. A prominent UN representative calls it a "crime against humanity". On Part I we explore the key term being used by industry and government to promote the conversion of agricultural crops into fuel... "renewable".


Deconstructing Dinner: The Eat Local Challenge

21 Oct 2007 |
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In Nelson, British Columbia, 150 residents pledged to commit to eating more locally throughout the month of August. We speak to seven of those who pledged and hear how they managed such an undertaking, what they learned from the experience, and whether or not they gave up!


Deconstructing Dinner: Soil Matters CSA II / Marion Nestle

02 Oct 2007 |
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On Part II of the Soil Matters series, we hear from the members of this new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Nelson, BC, Canada. How has joining a farm changed eating patterns? How has working on the farm reshaped our connection to food? What changes should be made to the administration and functioning of the CSA for next year?


Deconstructing Dinner: Slow is Beautiful

21 Aug 2007 |
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Food, as Cecile Andrews suggests, is a metaphor for life, in that our relationship to food is also suggestive of our relationship to living and how we connect with the world around us. "Slow is Beautiful" suggests that happiness can be found through being more mindful of our actions. Such an idea is suggestive that happiness itself is a tool to help us achieve more environmentally responsible living.


Deconstructing Dinner: Fermenting Revolution / Soil Matters CSA I

26 Jul 2007 |
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Deconstructing Dinner interviews author Christopher O'Brien following his recently released book "Fermenting Revolution - How to Drink Beer and Save the World". The second half of the program is the first of a multi-part series that traces the evolution of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program outside of Nelson, British Columbia.


Deconstructing Dinner: Grocery Store Alternatives

29 Jun 2006 |
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What alternatives exist to the standard grocery store excursion? How about food delivered right to your door? Or maybe Community Supported Agriculture in the city?


Deconstructing Dinner: Farming in the City II

10 May 2007 |
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The second of an ongoing series on urban agriculture. On this broadcast we learn of 1. An innovative project that links up underutilized backyard garden space with those willing to urban farm it; 2. Urban mushroom growing; and 3. An on-line resource designed for urban farmers to share their successes and failures.


Deconstructing Dinner: Coffee, The Earth, and the Future of Civilization

03 May 2007 |
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Examining how the removal of human labour from the coffee industry has led to poverty, hunger, environmental destruction and climate change.


Deconstructing Dinner: Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food II

19 Apr 2007 |
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Long an example of how people can assume control over our needs andresources, the co-operative model as an alternative to the industrial foodsystem will be the focus of this series. Part II - Agricultural LandOwnership and Farmers.