Reality Report: Ecological Economics (rebroadcast)

26 Dec 2007 |
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If an economic system is built on myths that aim to defy the laws of physics and ecology we should not be surprised to see it fail. Perhaps we can use this crisis to begin asking the right questions and redesign with human needs and planetary realities in mind. The Reality Report interviews Professor Joshua Farley of the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont.

Ron Cooke: The Perfect (Economic) Storm

10 Aug 2008
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Ron Cooke, the Cultural Economist, gives a meteorological description of the perfect economic storm he sees on the horizon.

Want Cheap Oil? Reduce Demand!

05 Jul 2008
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Richard Heinberg dips into the economic realities of oil prices. How do we reconcile oil industry claims that there's plenty of oil out there with a lived reality of ever-rising prices?

Reality Report: Nate Hagens and the Maximum Power Principle

30 Jun 2008 |
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Jason Bradford of the Reality Report talks with economist Nate Hagens, an editor for the Oil Drum website, about the public reaction to our energy crisis. Finally, they discuss what the Maximum Power Principle implies for how societies may chose, and be forced, to adapt to energy decline.

Ron Cooke: Financing Energy Independence

24 Jun 2008
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The Cultural Economist Ron Cooke considers a proposal for financing small-scale alternative energy installations.

Peak Oil for Policymakers

01 Jun 2008
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Post Carbon Institute's Julian Darley and Richard Heinberg present the facts and relevance of peak oil for policymakers at all levels. What is peak oil? What's the evidence? Why don't we just drill for more? How does this relate to climate change? And what can policymakers do in the face of these daunting challenges?

Oil production constraints to cause "huge recession"

21 Feb 2008 |
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The world will have to suffer a deep economic downturn before serious attempts are made to kick the oil habit, according to Robin West, chairman of Washington based oil consultancy PFC Energy.


Hooked on Growth on the Reality Report

06 Feb 2008 |
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The Reality Report hosts David Gardner, President of Citizen-Powered Media and producer of the documentary Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity. We discuss what is it like to challenge a core belief of our society, and why is it more important than ever to do so.


Coal prices could double again

31 Jan 2008 |
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All of a sudden coal, so long the Cinderella of fossil fuels, is not just in demand but in desperately short supply. A chance combination of crises in big producing and exporting countries has pushed the price of European imports to almost $140 per tonne – double the level of a year ago. But according to Gerard McCloskey, publisher of McCloskey's Coal Report, there is no quick fix to the coal crunch, and prices may still have a long way to go.

paul horsnell.jpg

Triple digit oil price regardless of peak

28 Jan 2008 |
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The real value of oil is "way, way, way above $80" according to a leading analyst. Paul Horsnell, head of commodities research for Barclays Capital, says it is hard to see the price falling below $80, even allowing for a lot of pessimism about the economy, and that the long run price is likely to be in triple digits – but not because of resource constraints. At least not immediately.