Sweden's sustainable finance system

16 Oct 2007 |
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Oscar Kjellberg is the former CEO and current strategic manager of J.A.K. Members Bank in Sweden, an interest-free, member-owned savings and loan. In this interview with Andi Hazelwood of Global Public Media, Kjellberg talks about the history of J.A.K Members bank, explains the J.A.K. banking model and illustrates how the conventional interest-based system, with it's growth imperative, is unsustainable. Kjellberg also discusses how the J.A.K. model differs from the interest-free Islamic banking system, and how the current mortgage and currency crisis in the US is a result of interest-based financing.


New Queensland Sustainability Minister on the future with less oil

19 Sep 2007 |
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Queensland's newly appointed Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation talks with GPM's Andi Hazelwood about his robust new portfolio (with double the previous environmental budget), the impending public release of his government-commissioned report on "Queensland's Vulnerability to Oil Prices," and the importance of relocalisation in the face of oil depletion.


Michael Shuman On Rebuilding Community: Local Economic Development

02 Jun 2007 | |
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Attorney and economist Michael Shuman is the Vice President for Enterprise Development for the Training and Development Corporation, based in Bucksport, Maine. In this candid interview he talks about local money, our current model of economic development and the challenges involved in rebuilding local communities.