Peak Moment: Middle Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Staying Afloat

11 Sep 2008 | |
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Paul and Sarah Edwards are authors of a timely book "Middle-Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy." In a world of decreasing resources, they ask, how do we financially support ourselves while moving towards sustainable lives? Emphasizing independent income sources, they consider dozens of possible careers from basic services to local-scale technologies. Life choices include lowering costs through simplifying, getting out of debt, and demonetizing (e.g., bartering). Or one can consider an "off-the-map" lifestyle like living abroad, off-grid, or an intentional community. This downturn is not just a cycle, they emphasize: it heralds a sea change. Episode 127.

Peak Moment: Protecting Your Money in a Declining Economy

10 Jul 2008 | |
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Are we in the perfect financial storm? Marc Cuniberti, a market analyst and host of "Money Matters" on our local community radio station KVMR, thinks so. Marc talks about the cause of inflation (rising prices are just a symptom) and how you can stop it with a candy bar! He discusses strategies to protect and even make money in a weakening economy -- like getting out of debt and investing in physical things you really need. In the stock market, he suggests dividend paying stocks, stressing the importance of using interest compounding in your favor: $100 saved today with an 8% return will grow to $200 in 9 years. Also read Janaia's blog about this conversation. Episode 118.

Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism

06 May 2008
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Renowned political analyst Kevin Phillips argues successive administrations have imperiled the US economy by a combination of shortsighted policies and a trend against regulation. These include unparalleled credit card debts, the expansion of financial industries such as hedge funds, ballooning national debts, and deliberately altering statistics like inflation and unemployment to mask the accurate picture.

Gail Tverberg: The Expected Economic Impact of an Energy Downturn

10 Apr 2008
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Gail Tverberg is known on the website The Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. She created this presentation for a public health program called "Converging Environmental Crises: A Teach-in on Energy, Climate Change, Water, Agriculture and Population." It explains the large economic changes that even a minor energy downturn could cause. Transcript available.

Heinberg: Peak Everything Economics, or, What Do You Call This Mess?

23 Jan 2008
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It's becoming increasingly clear that 2008 will be a catastrophic year for the US economy, and therefore probably for that of the world as a whole. The reasons boil down to two: continuing and snowballing fallout from the subprime mortgage fiasco (exacerbated by an orgy of debt-leveraging), and record-high, continuously advancing oil prices. This brief portion of the February Museletter is so topical it bears immediate posting.


Ron Cooke: American GDP: Can We Trust The BEA Data?

18 Jan 2008
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In early November, 2007, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced the United States had achieved a third quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 3.9 percent. That number was later updated to 4.9 percent. Those numbers set off my “reasonable test” alarm. How, I wondered, with an accelerating rate of inflation and declining economic activity, could the United States turn in such a stellar performance? The BEA’s report flunked the reasonable test.


Reality Report: global economy under stress (with transcript)

16 Dec 2007 |
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Higher energy costs and a crisis of credit as a result of huge US debt levels will cause the US and global economies to contract in the near future. On this edition of the Reality Report, Nate Hagens of The Oil Drum discusses these stresses and possible implications for responses to peak oil. NEW: A transcript of this interview is now available.


Sweden's sustainable finance system

16 Oct 2007 |
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Oscar Kjellberg is the former CEO and current strategic manager of J.A.K. Members Bank in Sweden, an interest-free, member-owned savings and loan. In this interview with Andi Hazelwood of Global Public Media, Kjellberg talks about the history of J.A.K Members bank, explains the J.A.K. banking model and illustrates how the conventional interest-based system, with it's growth imperative, is unsustainable. Kjellberg also discusses how the J.A.K. model differs from the interest-free Islamic banking system, and how the current mortgage and currency crisis in the US is a result of interest-based financing.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter: Powerdown Revisited/As the World Burns

14 Oct 2007
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It’s getting pretty damn obvious that the world is sliding head-first into the abyss at an accelerating rate, with most Americans as oblivious as ever. Museletter #186 has been completed in two parts - both of which are now available.