The rate of evolution: an interview with Dr. Craig Stockwell

13 Oct 2008 |
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Brian Magee talks with Dr. Craig Stockwell, professor of biology at North Dakota State University. Dr. Stockwell's research in contemporary evolution gives some clues as to what to expect as climate change advances.

Reality Report: Nate Hagens and the Maximum Power Principle

30 Jun 2008 |
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Jason Bradford of the Reality Report talks with economist Nate Hagens, an editor for the Oil Drum website, about the public reaction to our energy crisis. Finally, they discuss what the Maximum Power Principle implies for how societies may chose, and be forced, to adapt to energy decline.

Reality Report: evolution, addiction and economic demand

03 Jan 2008 |
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Nate Hagens returns to discuss evolution, addiction and economic demand; or, how our brains trick us to want more than we need. Nate is a former Wall Street investments manager and has an MBA from University of Chicago. He is completing his doctoral studies at the University of Vermont's Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Nate is also an editor for The Oil Drum, an online source for news, analysis and discussions about energy and our future. Jason Bradford hosts The Reality Report, broadcast on KZYX&Z in Mendocino County, CA.