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Roger Bezdek on peak oil, global warming and Australia

08 Jun 2007 |
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Dr. Roger Bezdek, president of Management Information Systems Inc. and co-author of the Hirsch report and its follow up, talks with GPM's Australian correspondent Andi Hazelwood about the Hirsch report 2 and a half years on, peak oil, global warming and his upcoming Australian speaking tour.


Richard Bell: House Hearing Puts the Heat on Climate Stagnators

22 Apr 2007
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The new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held its first offical hearing with witnesses from the Sierra Club to the former head of the CIA. Several Republican members of the committee were still dragging their heels, but the witnesses agreed across the board that global warming was real, that human activities were worsening global warming, and that the peoples of the world face a crisis that requires urgent and drastic actions.