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Peak Moment: Go-Getter Gets Governments Going on Sustainability

24 Jul 2008 | |
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Energetic Kris Holstrom is the first Sustainability Coordinator for Telluride and a smart Colorado county. The action plan she developed encompasses energy efficiency and renewables, green building, food and water security, economy, and recycling/resource recovery. She enlightens us about green codes, incentives and rebates, a household energy audit program, public education speakers and conferences, even farm tours for schoolkids. For Kris, what’s at the heart of sustainability is building relationships within the community and with the land, wherever we live. Episode 120.

KunstlerCast: Personal Transit & Green Buildings

08 May 2008 |
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James Howard Kunstler takes questions on personal rapid transit, sustainable green buildings and the happy motoring program in America. He also scolds us for us referring to ourselves as consumers. This show is the result of a special collaboration between The KunstlerCast and Planetizen, the online network for professional planners. Episode 13. With transcript.

Peak Moment: A Green Built, Solar Powered, Biofuels Station

05 Apr 2008 | |
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From an early start producing biodiesel from used cooking oil in his garage, Ian Hill was instrumental in creating a market for biofuels in the state of Oregon. Now Managing Partner of SeQuential Biofuels in Eugene, he has gone on to build the first retail biofuels station in the state -- and it's not an ordinary fueling station: A solar panel canopy provides 50% of the needed electricity. The convenience store is a passive solar design to help with heating and cooling, and stocks as much locally produced food as possible. Its "living roof", of mostly native plants, helps cool the building in summer, and slow and filter stormwater runoff. This optimistic enteprenuer says he and his family have found that consuming less can bring greater happiness. Episode 104.

Peak Moment: Building an Ecologically Sensible Home

29 Mar 2008 | |
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Wanting to live a "reasonable, comfortable life" in tune with nature, Ann and Gord Baird are building a "net zero energy" home on rural Vancouver Island. Their plans: a thick-walled cob house with passive solar heating. Wind and solar panels to provide electricity. Solar thermal hot water for domestic use and radiant heating. Composting toilets to enrich the earth for orchard, gardens and chickens. Rainwater catchment and a well for domestic and irrigation water. Episode 103.

The Qingdao Ecoblock project: mass-produced sustainable living?

01 Jan 2008
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Chinese cities are experiencing explosive growth - much in the form of "superblocks" -- roughly 1km2 residential developments that can have anything from 2,000 to 10,000 units of housing in them --which are being built at a rate of 10-15 per day. This film is a case study of a proposed "ecoblock", which would be self-sufficient in water and energy.

Peak Moment: A Cutting-Edge Architect's Eco-Friendly Home

11 Dec 2007 | |
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As an organizer in the American Institute of Architects, Chris Stafford has long promoted sustainable design. As a natural builder, he worked with straw bale and clay in Greece and Saudi Arabia. For his Port Townsend home, he considered site, size, materials and energy. The 1500 sq. ft home uses mostly non-toxic materials (and fewer of them), foam insulation, metal roofing, solar hot water for space heating, photovoltaics for electricity, and an innovative rainwater collector for landscape irrigation. Episode 86.


Peak Moment: People-Centered Developments for Reduced-Energy Living

28 Nov 2007 | |
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Developer Steven Ribeiro is re-creating traditional towns, that put "waste" resources to good use. A mixed-use three-story building augments power from its solar panels (which provide shade and collect rainwater) with a tugboat engine (running on local biodiesel), using engine heat to warm the building. Cars are secondary in a 68-acre village, whose dwellings of all sizes are walkable to retail, offices, schools, entertainment, and open space. Episode 82.


Peak Moment: City Repair - Permaculture for Urban Spaces

26 Oct 2007 | |
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What happens when citizens apply permaculture principles to a city grid? They create friendly places within the grid that invite people to come together. Mark Lakeman, co-founder of Portland, Oregon's City Repair Project describes these "creative intervention" projects as placemaking at its best. People learn to work together, build trust and have fun. The results, from painted intersections to cob benches and other organic structures, invite people "to inhabit the planet on our own terms" rather than the grid-locked culture imposed by the city. Episode 76.


Peak Moment: BriarPatch Co-op - Building for the New Century

17 May 2007 | |
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Manager Paul Harton welcomes us to the newly-built BriarPatch Coop natural foods market. It's LEED™ certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and incorporates innovative design throughout. Architect Jeff Gold shows state-of-the-art water and space heating, lighting and skylights, and a polished concrete floor with a "river" running through it. Episode 59.