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Peak Moment: Local Living Economies - Protecting What We Love

11 May 2009 | |
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Judy Wicks' love of place, and of animals, has made widening ripples on a global scale...She has gone on to found BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), a national network of sustainable, small businesses that promote going local. (www.livingeconomies.org), (www.whitedog.com) Episode 144.

Peak Moment: Helping Local Food Businesses Thrive

31 Jul 2008 |
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Wendy Siporen coordinates The Rogue Initiative for a Vital Economy (THRIVE), which helps small locally-owned businesses not just to thrive, but be more sustainable as well. A "Food Connection" directory enables local businesses to buy from one another. Their "Rogue Flavor" campaign helps consumers find locally produced food at farm stands, restaurants, and markets. Tasty ideas from the one-week "Eat Local Challenge: cooking classes, films, and cooking a meal made from all-local products from the growers market. Yum! Episode 121.

Peak Moment: Sustainable Connections - Transforming a Community Through Local Business

22 Sep 2007 | |
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Michelle Long enthuses about how their highly successful local independent business network has transformed Bellingham, WA and inspired other communities as well. From an initial "Think Local First" program, they have expanded to business peer mentoring, and support for local food producers, sustainable buildings, and green energy. An astounding sixty percent of their community are aware of "Think Local, Buy Local, Be Local" campaigns and have changed buying habits. Episode 75.


Peak Moment: Human Scale Tools for a Sustainable World

10 Aug 2007 | |
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At Smith and Speed Mercantile on Orcas Island, hand tools line the walls and tables along with organic wool comforters and non-toxic paints. It's an extension of Errol Speed and Kathleen Smith's off-grid homestead where they work at "the speed of living," using hand tools that reconnect them to the earth. Episode 67.