Peak Moment: Sustainable Bellingham - Grassroots Organizing is Key

01 May 2008 | |
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Sustainable Bellingham has built a solid infrastructure to be as effective in their community as possible. Team members Sandy Hoelterhoff, Lynnette Allen and David Kowalsky discuss their decision-making tool QET (a Quick Effective Tool), as well as a natural-systems model to define roles for producing events. Called ACORN, it includes roles based on directions of the compass (e.g., physical logistics tasks are in the south, oversight in the north). With a mission of education and communication, they network people, projects and groups with similar interests. Among Sustainable Bellingham 's activities are film showings and a Sustainable Transportation Fair. Episode 108.


Peak Moment: Hope Dances Eternal for This Media Maven

28 Feb 2008 | |
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For over a decade, Bob Banner has brought documentary films to hisregion, and published a bimonthly tabloid HopeDance, "Radical solutionsinspiring hope." Ahead of many, he brings "disturbing" information aswell as solutions and positive visions. Bob discusses the massivefailure of media, spiritual films, relocalization, peak oil, and myriadother topics. (www.hopedance.org) Episode 99.