Peak Moment: Calm Before the Storm

19 Jun 2008 | |
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Richard Heinberg, author of “Peak Everything”, reviews the acceleratingevents since mid-2007, including the credit crunch and fossil fuelprice volatility, noting that we’ve missed most of the bestopportunities to manage collapse. He asks, “how far down the staircaseof complexity will our global civilization have to go until we’resustainable?” His answer: when managed properly, with deliberatesimplification, not as far as we might otherwise. In addition to longterm efforts to relocalize our economies, he advocates developingcommunity “resilience” to withstand short-term catastrophic events likefood shortages or extreme weather. Noting that healthy fear can move usinto action, he encourages an attitude of clarity, concern and informedaction in this “calm before the storm” that he feels is soon coming toan end. Episode 115. With transcript.

Peak Moment: Looking at The Big Moral Question

26 Jun 2008 | |
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"What's going to happen to our kids?" When Bruce Anderson read "TheLimits to Growth" in the 1970s, he learned that nothing in nature growsforever -- including the human economy. As we rapidly use everythingup, we're now reaching those limits and entering a crisis ofadaptation. He raises the moral, ethical and emotional aspects of achallenge humans have never faced before. He feels we're up againstlimitations of thought, of the heart, almost at a mythic level. Episode 116.