Peak Oil


Want Cheap Oil? Reduce Demand!

05 Jul 2008
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Richard Heinberg dips into the economic realities of oil prices. How do we reconcile oil industry claims that there's plenty of oil out there with a lived reality of ever-rising prices?

Reality Report: Nate Hagens and the Maximum Power Principle

30 Jun 2008 |
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Jason Bradford of the Reality Report talks with economist Nate Hagens, an editor for the Oil Drum website, about the public reaction to our energy crisis. Finally, they discuss what the Maximum Power Principle implies for how societies may chose, and be forced, to adapt to energy decline.

Reality Report: Jeffrey J. Brown, oil exploration geoscientist

16 Jun 2008 |
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The Reality Report interviews Jeffrey J. Brown, an oil exploration geoscientist, primarily in Texas. We discuss the rapid rise in the price of oil, how this is being covered by media, political reactions, and the need to transform from an economy of mass global consumers to one of local producers.

Peak Oil and Energy Uncertainty: Challenges for Local Governments

12 Nov 2007 |
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Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty, describes some of the short and long term challenges that peak oil will create for local governments. Peak oil will have very local repercussions, but prompt planning can take the edge off of some of the negative effects.

Peak Oil for Policymakers

01 Jun 2008
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Post Carbon Institute's Julian Darley and Richard Heinberg present the facts and relevance of peak oil for policymakers at all levels. What is peak oil? What's the evidence? Why don't we just drill for more? How does this relate to climate change? And what can policymakers do in the face of these daunting challenges?

The Balloon Goes Up: Are We At A Peak Oil Tipping Point?

11 Jun 2008
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If the peak oil balloon really is going up, we should expect to see world leaders, politicians, business chiefs and the mainstream media in general realizing and admitting that something new is happening. But are we really at the tipping point for peak oil? Julian Darley answers: Yes, no and maybe.

How Do You Like the Collapse So Far?

05 Jun 2008
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Richard Heinberg: No one knows the long-term carrying capacity of planet Earth forhumans, absent cheap fossil fuels, but it’s likely a lot fewer thanseven billion. The implication is not just sobering; it’s paralyzing. So what to do with such traumatic knowledge?

KunstlerCast: Peak Oil New Zealand

29 May 2008 |
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A listener from New Zealand asks James Howard Kunstler what peak oil holds in store for his island nation. The picture isn't pretty: Kunstler says the Kiwis had better watch their backs. China, Japan and even Australia could all pose threats to New Zealand as they face shortages in the new energy future. At the end of the program, a cast of listeners sounds off. Episode 16.


KunstlerCast: Reactivating Small Cities

22 May 2008 |
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A listener from Canada asks if small cities will be willing and able to absorb more people after peak oil makes big city life problematic. James Howard Kunstler believes that many small cities across North America are waiting to be reactivated. These places would benefit from having more people living in them. But in order to prepare for returning populations, they will need to return to a much smaller increment of development. Episode 15.

Peak Moment: Advice to Teens and Parents: Peak Oil

15 May 2008 | |
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As a mom of two teenagers, Deborah Lindsay is deeply concerned about their future. As a peak oil educator, she paints a vivid picture of a post-petroleum world, with an emphasis on preparedness. With teens she talks about career choices and practical life skills. With parents, she focuses on safety, economic and energy contraction, and steps to begin now. In 2006 she began the daily talk radio show "Tomorrow Matters - Giving a Voice to a Better Tomorrow" to amplify her message. Episode 110.