Michael Shuman On Rebuilding Community: Local Economic Development

02 Jun 2007 | |
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Attorney and economist Michael Shuman is the Vice President for Enterprise Development for the Training and Development Corporation, based in Bucksport, Maine. In this candid interview he talks about local money, our current model of economic development and the challenges involved in rebuilding local communities.


Scientist David Fridley on energy, China and globalization

26 May 2007 | |
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David Fridley, staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses biofuels, China, globalization and high fuel prices with Global Public Media's Julian Darley.


Reality Report: Greg Pahl's Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook

21 May 2007 |
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The Reality Report hosts Greg Pahl, prolific author of five books on sustainable living and renewable energy. This show discusses his most recent book, “The Citizen Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis.” Greg explains how community based renewable energy projects are key to local economic revival and security and encourages listeners to learn more by going to


Julian Darley on Relocalization and Energy Use - Sustainable Enterprise Conference

05 May 2007 | |
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Julian Darley presents an overview of the United States' unsustainable energy practices and makes the case for Relocalization from the point of business. The tale of the 20,000-mile long coal train....


Richard Bell: House Hearing Puts the Heat on Climate Stagnators

22 Apr 2007
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The new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held its first offical hearing with witnesses from the Sierra Club to the former head of the CIA. Several Republican members of the committee were still dragging their heels, but the witnesses agreed across the board that global warming was real, that human activities were worsening global warming, and that the peoples of the world face a crisis that requires urgent and drastic actions.


Peak Moment: Fossil Free by '33

13 Apr 2007 | |
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Tam Hunt outlines a strategy for regional independence from fossil fuels -- and it centers around electricity. Start with efficiency & conservation, add renewables to replace fossil fuels for electricity, then add more renewables to electrify transportation such as plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The result? A program "to save America's Environment and Economy one region at a time." Episode 56.


James Howard Kunstler: Remarks to the Commonwealth Club of California

29 Mar 2007 |
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James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, speaks to the Commonwealth Club of California about the American car culture and our illusions of maintaining it with alternative fuels.


Peak Moment: Community Responses to Peak Oil

24 Mar 2007 | |
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Peak oil educator and author Richard Heinberg discusses what communities can do to prepare for peak oil. He covers transportation, including a novel ride-sharing scheme, assessing municipal vulnerabilities, local food and energy production, as well as the Hirsch report's conclusion that 20 years will be needed to make an energy transition -- very possibly more time than we have. Episode 53.

Julian speaking

Julian Darley: "Relocalize Now!"

10 Aug 2006 | |
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Presenting in Port Townsend, Washington, the founder/director of Post Carbon Institute lays out the problem of "overshoot", highlighting the impending worldwide oil and natural gas crisis, with a snapshot of Washington State's energy profile. Relocalization is the prime strategy to reduce community fossil fuel dependence. Post Carbon initiatives include Global Public Media, the Relocalization Network, Municipal Toolkit, Energy Farms Network, and the forthcoming book Relocalize Now!
Corn field

Top Energy Scientists Agree, Bush Wrong on Alternative Fuels

18 Jan 2007
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"...witnesses from three of America’s premier energy research institutions cast grave doubt on the feasibility of reaching President Bush’s State of the Union goal of manufacturing 35 billion gallons a year of alternative fuels by 2017." Post Carbon Institute Communications Director Richard Bell reports.