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Heinberg: Peak Everything Economics, or, What Do You Call This Mess?

23 Jan 2008
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It's becoming increasingly clear that 2008 will be a catastrophic year for the US economy, and therefore probably for that of the world as a whole. The reasons boil down to two: continuing and snowballing fallout from the subprime mortgage fiasco (exacerbated by an orgy of debt-leveraging), and record-high, continuously advancing oil prices. This brief portion of the February Museletter is so topical it bears immediate posting.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter: The Future of Technology

10 Jan 2008
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This morning I was awakened at 6:30 by a robot; - not a wheeled electronic valet named "Robbie" bringing me orange juice and toast, but an automated fax machine dialing my phone number and beeping expectantly into my answering machine, hoping to provide me with some helpful advertisement. While I won't go so far as to say the experience ruined my day, it nevertheless cost me some sleep and provoked me to reflect somewhat darkly on our species' present and future relationship with technology.


Reality Report: Richard Heinberg on Peak Everything

08 Jan 2008 |
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The Reality Report hosts Richard Heinberg, covering many of the topics in his latest book, Peak Everything, which more than others considers the social implications of energy decline. The program begins with a review of the connections between energy and society, drawing from the work of cultural anthropologist Marvin Harris. A discussion of relationship between climate change and fossil fuel depletion ensues. The program concludes by offering some perspective on how to cope psychologically with difficult information.


Reality Report: evolution, addiction and economic demand

03 Jan 2008 |
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Nate Hagens returns to discuss evolution, addiction and economic demand; or, how our brains trick us to want more than we need. Nate is a former Wall Street investments manager and has an MBA from University of Chicago. He is completing his doctoral studies at the University of Vermont's Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Nate is also an editor for The Oil Drum, an online source for news, analysis and discussions about energy and our future. Jason Bradford hosts The Reality Report, broadcast on KZYX&Z in Mendocino County, CA.


Reality Report: Ecological Economics

26 Dec 2007 |
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In this edition of the Reality Report, economics Professor Joshua Farley of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont discusses the false assumptions of dominant economic theory, why this leads to problems, and what an alternative economic system might look like. During the interview, Prof. Farley explains how policies to protect the environment, stem the loss of biodiversity, conserve fossil fuels, and deal with climate change will fail without economic reform that first sets the sustainable scale of the human economy, secondly decides what is a just distribution, and finally allows the market to find the most efficient allocation. Among many publications, Prof. Farley is coauthor with Herman Daly of the college text book "Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications."


NASA research scientist on peak oil and climate change

24 Dec 2007 |
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"In terms of resolving these two problems of peak fossil fuels and climate change... mitigation policies for peak oil, peak coal and peak gas should be done in tandem with mitigation policies for climate change. And I think there's no reason that that shouldn't happen. In fact it makes the most sense to me." NASA research scientist Dr. Pushker Kharecha speaks with David Room about "Implications of 'peak oil' for atmospheric CO2 and climate," a paper Kharecha co-wrote with one of the world's foremost climate scientists, Dr. James Hansen. The paper, which has been submitted for peer-reviewed publication in a scientific journal, is one of few that consider both climate instability and oil depletion.


Reality Report: global economy under stress (with transcript)

16 Dec 2007 |
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Higher energy costs and a crisis of credit as a result of huge US debt levels will cause the US and global economies to contract in the near future. On this edition of the Reality Report, Nate Hagens of The Oil Drum discusses these stresses and possible implications for responses to peak oil. NEW: A transcript of this interview is now available.


Peak Moment: Energetic Students Empower Cal Poly

11 Dec 2007 | |
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The future's environmental leaders are here now! Student leader Tylor Middlestadt recounts how Empower Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA) is bringing students to the table--with staff, faculty, and local communities -- to shape a greener future. Students successfully pushed for environmentally-friendly design for the nation's largest student housing project. Inspired by the UC Go Solar campaign, students formed Renew CSU to advocate renewable energy projects on campuses statewide. Episode 85.


Pathways to a low carbon future

03 Dec 2007 | |
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Tim Winton of The Permaforest Trust Centre for Sustainability Education in Australia explores Pathways to a Low Carbon Future.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter: What Will We Eat as the Oil Runs Out?

03 Dec 2007
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Our global food system faces a crisis of unprecedented scope. This crisis, which threatens to imperil the lives of hundreds of millions and possibly billions of human beings, consists of four simultaneously colliding dilemmas, all arising from our relatively recent pattern of dependence on depleting fossil fuels.