Peak Moment: Sustainable Bellingham - Grassroots Organizing is Key

01 May 2008 | |
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Sustainable Bellingham has built a solid infrastructure to be as effective in their community as possible. Team members Sandy Hoelterhoff, Lynnette Allen and David Kowalsky discuss their decision-making tool QET (a Quick Effective Tool), as well as a natural-systems model to define roles for producing events. Called ACORN, it includes roles based on directions of the compass (e.g., physical logistics tasks are in the south, oversight in the north). With a mission of education and communication, they network people, projects and groups with similar interests. Among Sustainable Bellingham 's activities are film showings and a Sustainable Transportation Fair. Episode 108.


Peak Moment: Building an Ecologically Sensible Home

29 Mar 2008 | |
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Wanting to live a "reasonable, comfortable life" in tune with nature, Ann and Gord Baird are building a "net zero energy" home on rural Vancouver Island. Their plans: a thick-walled cob house with passive solar heating. Wind and solar panels to provide electricity. Solar thermal hot water for domestic use and radiant heating. Composting toilets to enrich the earth for orchard, gardens and chickens. Rainwater catchment and a well for domestic and irrigation water. Episode 103.

MuseLetter #192: Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management

03 Apr 2008
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The following is a proposal to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks from resource depletion, beginning with Peak Oil, and perhaps also to shocks from other causes (such as the ongoing subprime mortgage and credit collapse). Making existing petroleum-reliant communities truly sustainable is a huge task. Virtually every system must be redesigned—from transport to food, sanitation, health care, and manufacturing.

Peak Moment: To Be of Use - Serving the Community

20 Mar 2008 | |
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A vocal proponent of going local, Dave Smith co-founded the BriarPatch cooperative market, co-owned "Smith and Hawken" and now owns a used book store he can walk to. His book To Be Of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work honors "creative action heros" who meet real needs rather than just desires. He suggests judging others not by their stated values but by their virtues -- their character and actions. (, Episode 102.

Peak Moment: Suburban Permaculture with Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg

06 Mar 2008 | |
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Tour Janet and Richard's quarter acre for an example of what's possiblein suburbia. Their front yard of edible plants also provides habitatfor birds and insects. The backyard radiates out from an herb andkitchen garden to vegetable beds and containers; 25 fruit and nuttrees; and a restful Zen garden. Near a future pond is a "threesisters" spiral of corn, beans and squashes. Check out their rainwatercatchment barrels system, solar ovens, grid-tied photovoltaics withbackup batteries, a low-energy house, solar-heated garden room, and acomfortable "summer palace" of natural & salvaged materials. ( Episode 100!

Peak Moment: Mendocino Renegade

24 Jan 2008 | |
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Els Cooperrider is an energetic lady. She co-founded the Mendocino Organic Network, which began an organic peer-certification service for local growers. Their Mendocino Renegade label means products are "beyond organic" and local. She also led Mendocino to become the first U.S. county to be GMO-free -- genetically-modified organisms cannot be grown there. Her eatery, Ukiah Brewing Co. & Restaurant, is America'sfirst certified organic brew pub, which serves seasonal local ingredients. Episode 93.


Pathways to a low carbon future

03 Dec 2007 | |
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Tim Winton of The Permaforest Trust Centre for Sustainability Education in Australia explores Pathways to a Low Carbon Future.


Peak Moment: Creating the Impossible - O.U.R. Ecovillage

03 Dec 2007 | |
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O.U.R. stands for "One United Resource," expressing how interdependence and inclusion undergird this 25 acre demonstration sustainable community on Vancouver Island. This model ecovillage comprises natural buildings, a school, long- and short-term residences, extensive gardens, greenhouses, and even a bed & breakfast. Brandy Gallagher MacPherson describes how they created an entirely new zoning category by building relationships with regulatory agencies that go beyond "us versus them". Episode 84.


Deconstructing Dinner: Slow is Beautiful

21 Aug 2007 |
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Food, as Cecile Andrews suggests, is a metaphor for life, in that our relationship to food is also suggestive of our relationship to living and how we connect with the world around us. "Slow is Beautiful" suggests that happiness can be found through being more mindful of our actions. Such an idea is suggestive that happiness itself is a tool to help us achieve more environmentally responsible living.


Peak Moment: Human Scale Tools for a Sustainable World

10 Aug 2007 | |
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At Smith and Speed Mercantile on Orcas Island, hand tools line the walls and tables along with organic wool comforters and non-toxic paints. It's an extension of Errol Speed and Kathleen Smith's off-grid homestead where they work at "the speed of living," using hand tools that reconnect them to the earth. Episode 67.