Lifeboat Show: Joys of the Earth-Centered Sustainable Life

18 Sep 2006 |
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Kevin and Donna Philippe-Johnson are creators of the EarthStar Primal Habitat, a sustainable living model. Kevin & Donna have written several articles published on their website and in Countryside Magazine about how they left the 9-to-5 life behind, moved to "our little hut in the woods" as Kevin calls it, and are truly enjoying "happily ever after". On nearly no annual income, they have good health, abundant free time for creative activities, and a very peaceful life in harmony with the Nature around them.


Sheri Liao, Global Village Beijing

24 May 2007 |
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Sheri Liao is founder and president of Global Village Beijing, the foremost non-governmental organization (NGO) working towards a greener China. In this presentation to the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, she discusses the battle that Chinese environmentalists face when taking on polluters and unsustainable businesses, and outlines the ways in which progress is being made. Yes, there is an environmental movement in the world's most populous nation, and Sheri Liao is at the forefront.


Dr. Albert Bartlett, In Depth

22 Jun 2007 |
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Dr. Albert Bartlett, professor emeritus of Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder discusses population growth, peak oil and global warming, solutions and sustainability in great detail with GPM's Andi Hazelwood. The in depth interview closes with a brief discussion of A Depletion Protocol for Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Australia as an Example and a look at Queensland's local government reform plan.


Julian Darley at the Alberta "Power to the People" conference

18 Nov 2006 |
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Julian Darley discusses oil depletion, relocalization and more at the "Power for the People: Determining Our Energy Future" conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Julian Darley on Relocalization and Energy Use - Sustainable Enterprise Conference

05 May 2007 | |
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Julian Darley presents an overview of the United States' unsustainable energy practices and makes the case for Relocalization from the point of business. The tale of the 20,000-mile long coal train....


Reality Report: Derrick Jensen and the prospects of civilization

04 Apr 2007 |
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The Reality Report interviews Derrick Jensen, ecological philosopher and author of several books, including The Culture of Make Believe, Listening to the Land, Strangely Like War, and most recently the two volume set, Endgame. We explore the question: Is civilization, defined as the concentration of population in cities, ever able to transition to sustainability? His website is


Richard Heinberg's Museletter #178: Five Axioms of Sustainability

23 Mar 2007
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My aim in this essay is to explore the history of the terms sustainable and sustainability, and their various published definitions, and then to offer a set of five axioms (based on a review of the literature) to help clarify the characteristics of a durable society. ...